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A car, a journey

Drove a car with someone you liked, stayed at the foot of the mountain in the evening, watched the stars in the sky, talked about falling asleep late at night. Wake up with the first rays of sunlight in the morning and watch the sunrise. I believe many people yearn for such a trip.

Why do we choose to travel by car?

Choose self-driving tour because you can truly experience the feeling of freedom and free will in the process of self-driving. Go and stop when you want to go. The beauty and mood I encountered on the road were completely beyond words.

Travel is Fun

When many cars are together, different perspectives, different understandings, different expressions and even language make the whole trip full of fun, especially when there is no special scenery, a topic will make the whole team active through sharing , So that the depressed mood during the journey can be released.

Have a Friends by car

Those who take part in the self-driving tour are those who love cars and travel. They can share their car-keeping experience and comment on the characteristics of the car. It is indeed a pleasure to share self-driving experience and travel anecdotes. It would be better if you can make friends during the event. This has also become another reason to participate in the group to drive.

Troubles during travel

The most difficult problem in self-driving travel is housing. Some people own RVs, pickup trucks, can bring tents and live in the car to solve this problem.
However, there are still many people who like to drive by themselves because of financial problems and other problems, and they can’t have this condition, so they have to run around on the road looking for hotels and miss a lot of scenery. Or living in a car, it is very tired, if there is a bed at this time, it is perfect.

Car inflatable bed

Therefore, the car inflatable bed was born, so that people can rest anytime and anywhere, and sleep as they want, which is very comfortable.
The emergence of in-vehicle inflatable beds is a great boon for self-driving enthusiasts, allowing drivers to refuse to drive tired, go out happily, and return in peace. Unlike other beds, it can be moved, folded, and disassembled. Fill it with air when you use it, but don’t fill it up, charge 9 to do it. When not in use, just let out the air inside. It is very popular because of its light weight, convenient carrying, and good load-bearing strength.

Comfortable design with backrest

The air mattress has an excellent corrugated design, which can provide users with excellent support and comfort. The back is soft, so there is no need to worry about back pain when you wake up. More importantly, the mattress has a good backrest or headboard, which is as soft and comfortable as a home mattress. Therefore, you can sleep better without hurting your head. The middle part is also supported, so your knees or the rest of your body will not collide with the front row.

Extra pillows and storage

The car mattress is equipped with a multifunctional footrest, where you can use it to fix the mattress. In addition, you can store things in it like shoes and slippers. In addition, it has pillows that can be used to complete a comfortable sleep experience in the car.

The emergence of in-car air mattresses has helped many people. Let people travel freely by car.

The most beautiful scenery is always on the road.

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