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A ray of life-changing warmth

Are you still walking alone in the dark night。 Are you worried about your children staying alone in the courtyard without lights to play.

In 2013, the New York City Police held a joint experiment.

Experiment procedure:

They spent 6 months observing 80 public housing communities with high crime rates. In the trial, about half of the communities installed new temporary street lights, while the other half did not.

Experimental results:

The study found that the crime rate in communities with new street lights was significantly lower than in communities without new street lights. The research results show that increasing the lighting level can reduce the so-called crime index by 7% overall. At night, the crime index can be reduced by 39%. Therefore, having lighting in a dark environment at night can effectively reduce crime and reduce the prison population.

So the popularization of lighting is necessary, but popularizing lighting will have many problems.

The problem of lighting popularization:

  1. A large number of pipelines needed during construction, which inserted into transmission lines and control lines.
  2. The overall volume factor of the equipment requires multiple people or large vehicles to install.
  3. Wiring and lighting facilities must checked regularly to prevent damage.
  4. The absolute reliability is insufficient, and the lighting may be interrupted at any time.
  5. The high cost is unbearable for many families.
  6. The brightness requirements are high, so a light source with emission power need to diverge and penetrate. If the heat dissipation is not good, the aging of the light source will accelerated, and there will be hidden dangers.

Nowadays, a solar led floor light has appeared, which has greatly facilitated people and solved the above-mentioned problems.

This can use for outdoors and can directly absorb enough sunlight. Solar panels must face the sun directly to provide adequate charging. Solar deck lights can be applied to garden floors, stair terminals, and yachts.

Advantages of led floor light:

  • The light is soft but bright enough.
  • Can be deep into the water 24 meters, used in various humid environments.
  • It can used 16 hours after a day of sufficient light.
  • The hard shell outdoors can withstand the crushing of people or vehicles.
  • Automatic switch design, it will light up when dark.
  • Easy to install.

In order to adapt to the needs of various environments, solar LED floor lights have two installation methods: 1.Use waterproof silica gel (glass glue) to fix, no need to damage the ground installation.

2.Screw installation method.

Nowadays, technology will change life . When some novelty appears, the most important thing to do is to use it and develop it for multiple purposes. Going home alone on the dark road, with the company of this LED floor lamp, you will feel warm and hopeful.When a child plays alone in the courtyard, watching his staggering steps or a happy smile under the light, will he also outline his own memories. Enjoy life and accept technology.

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