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Clean camping trip

What should we do if we need to bring too many clothes for a week when we go camping?The most enjoyable thing about camping is the feeling of being lightly dressed. It’s really unhappy to bring too many changes to your clothes.But not bringing enough clothes and changing clothes is really a headache.

The lucky thing to save your camping trip is here!Now let me introduce our camping washing machine to you!

Wash your clothes any time and anywhere with this Camping Washing Machine Manual Device! It is a hand-operated machine that’s convenient! When people go camping, they often bring extra clothes already because they know how hassle it can be to wash clothes at the camping site.

This is because you can’t bring a full-size washing machine with you conveniently to do your laundry. But there’s no need to worry anymore because this camping washing machine will solve those problems for you.

Manual Machine

One of the main features of this machine is that it is a manual one. This means that you can simply operate it by hand so you won’t need to find an electrical power source nearby anymore. It has a handle on top which you just have to rotate to mimic the motions of a real washing machine.

Also, it has a drainage pipe so you can easily drain the dirty water out from it. It is ideal for those who only need to wash small garments such as baby clothes or underwear. Also, since it is manual, it is easier to control to make sure your garments don’t get pulled too harshly by it.

Mini and Portable

Another unique feature of this washing machine is the mini size it has. Thanks to this, you can carry it without the hassle and it won’t take up too much space in your car too as you travel. This makes it portable and perfect for camping and other outdoor activities. You can fold its handle inwards when not in use so it won’t stick out. That way, it will be much safer for you to handle as there are no obstructions that may harm you.

You can also disassemble it part by part so you can clean it conveniently. The outermost cover is transparent so you can see its contents right away.

Since then, our camping trip has become clean and relaxing!

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