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Bathroom Rug Sets 3PC Anti-Slip Mats

This 3PC Anti-Slip Bathroom Rug Set will make your bathrooms safer and aesthetically-pleasing
This is anti-slip, wear-resistant and also doesn't harm bathroom flooring; it is soft and durable
The surface of the rugs are soft and feels nice to the feet when stepped on
Material: Flannel, Sponge / Weight: 370g
Dimensions: Square mat: 29.53 x 17.72 in/ U-shape mat: 17.72 x 15.35 in/ Toilet seat: 15.75 x 14.96 in
Package contents: 1 x Square bathroom mat/ 1 x U-shape mat/ 1 x Toilet seat cover

BEST BST-668S Multifunctional Magnetic S21 Steel Precision Screwdriver for Electronics Mobile Phone Notebook Watch Disassemble Repair Tools

Features:- It made of aluminium alloy- Strong magnetic screwdriver bits make your work effective- S2 head to ensure the screwdriver highest accuracy.- Ideal for be used for iPhone, for iPad, laptop, for Samsung, for HTC, for Nokia, for Motorola, PC, macbook air/ pro and other electronic.Specification:Brand:BESTModel:BST-668SMagnetic:with magneticPackage Included:1pc screwdriver

Body Massage Mat Yoga Cushion Pad

Uses acupressure for relieving pain and stress
Helps ease fatigue, insomnia, tension, and stiffness
Increase blood circulation
With a different style of pads for each body parts - for body, neck, hands, feet, etc
Lightweight and durable
Product size: about 36.5 x 33 x 2.5cm

Chair Leg Protector Chair Foot Cover

Easy to install and no slipping off, no need to stick
Help reduce noise effectively and protect the floor from scratches
Lightweight and practical to use, a good choice for protecting your furniture and floor
Material: Silicone
For a list of sizes and measurements, please scroll down to the description area to find the sizing chart
Package Includes:

1 x Chair Leg Protector Chair Foot Cover

Christmas Gift Boxes Goodies Bag (12pcs)

Cute Christmas boxes for your small gifts and Christmas goodies
It is perfect for corporate giveaways, tokens, baked goods, small gift items, etc
It can also be a great Christmas decoration for your home
Material: Pearlescent Art paper/Size: 9.3cm x 9.3cm x 9cm
Package Content:

12 x Christmas Gift Boxes

Clothes Basket Portable Organizer

A convenient way to store your clothes and toys
Has fun designs to add color to your rooms
Foldable and portable
Sizes available (in CM): 40 x 35 / 40 x 50
Material: Fabric
Package Includes: 

1 x Clothes Basket Portable Organizer

Creative 3D Fishing Toy

It is an interactive toy that would give life while your cat is playing with it.
The material used in this product is plush so it has a very soft texture.
The size of the said product is 20 cm.
This fishing toy is made of plush, catmint and soft material.
It does not harm the cats' paw.
It can make your cat excited because it is stuffed with catmint and relieve your cat's mood and stress.

Door Decal Landscape Door Sticker

A self-adhesive decal that's perfect to use on your doors at home
Can make your door new looking again to conceal chipped-off paints or plain doors
Economical and easy to install door stickers for you to use
Material: PVC
Dimensions: 38.5 x 200cm x 2PCS

Earpod Case Cover Protective Cover

A transparent case cover with an adorable print that varies in different designs
Can help you protect your earphone case from scratches and dirt
An all-around shock-absorbing material, environmentally-friendly, and does not deform
Material: Hard PC
Package Includes:

1 x Earpod Case Cover Protective Cover

1 x Keychain Ring

Fake Coral Aquarium Decoration

This Fake Coral is a great fish tank decoration that mimics real corals in the ocean
It serves as hiding places for fishes and so it helps reduce their stress levels
Theses fake corals have vibrant colors so they can serve as great home decorations

Material: Resin

Size:  about  3-7.5 cm

Weight: about 17-38g
Package Contents:

1 x Fake Coral

Frog Bait Realistic Silicone Bait

A realistic frog bait that you can use on fishes that feed of small frogs. It's very useful especially when you are fishing in swampy areas where there's an abundance of frogs
It has a bright color that stands out underwater. It also has black spots around its body that are attractive to the fishes
Durable and reusable. A practical alternative to using live frog baits
Suitable for fishes like Alburnus Fish, Bambusa, Etc
Material: Silicone / Weight: 15g / Floats on the water
Package Content:

1 x Frog Bait

Icy Pole Moulds Popsicle Molder

This popsicle molder is easy to use since it is made of soft silicone material
With unique and cute molder shapes for your kids to enjoy
Convenient to unmold and durable to use
Material: silicone rubber
Package content variations:

1 x Icy Pole Moulds Popsicle Molder
50 x Popsicle Sticks