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Anti-static Stainless Steel Tweezer Set for Smartphone Tools & Accessories Repair Tool

Model Number:ESD-10-15 Product name:prefessional stainless steel tweezers Material:Antistatic stainless steel Color:Black Tip strength:>HRC40° Length:115mm~140mm Weight:220g(with package) Surface treatment:Black anti-static coating

Cute Pencil Cases Leather Pouch Bag

Pencil case and cosmetic bag
Expandable pouch
Made of durable PU leather
Available in many food designs
Back zipper design
Weight: 40g
Size: 21x 8 cm

Cutting Play Food for Kids

This play food for kids has a realistic shape and design so your child will enjoy playing with it
There are many variations available - vegetables, fruits, seafood, fast food, and desserts
Your child can cut and peel this play food since it has a velcro material
Material: ABS plastic
Age Range: 3 years and above
Package content:

1 x Cutting Play Food for Kids

Door Decal Landscape Door Sticker

A self-adhesive decal that's perfect to use on your doors at home
Can make your door new looking again to conceal chipped-off paints or plain doors
Economical and easy to install door stickers for you to use
Material: PVC
Dimensions: 38.5 x 200cm x 2PCS

Entrance Mat 3D Dog Design

Ideal to use in your homes to keep your feet clean and dry upon entering
Has an anti-slip feature so it will stay in place when in use
The soft and carpet texture can give your feet comfort in using it
Material: 100% Polyester
Dimensions: 40 x 87cm / 50 x 109cm
Package content: 1 x Entrance Mat 3D Dog Design

Frog Bait Realistic Silicone Bait

A realistic frog bait that you can use on fishes that feed of small frogs. It's very useful especially when you are fishing in swampy areas where there's an abundance of frogs
It has a bright color that stands out underwater. It also has black spots around its body that are attractive to the fishes
Durable and reusable. A practical alternative to using live frog baits
Suitable for fishes like Alburnus Fish, Bambusa, Etc
Material: Silicone / Weight: 15g / Floats on the water
Package Content:

1 x Frog Bait

Fur Tree Skirt Christmas Tree Carpet

Round, portable, and furry Christmas tree carpet; Excellent for Christmas holiday
It can perfectly hide the base of your decorative Christmas tree making it look neat and clean
Versatile, soft, and elegant. It looks very attractive
Material: Plush, Non-woven Fabric
Weight: About 200g
Package Content/s Per Variant (Check the Variants images):


Geometric Earrings Fashion Accessories

Cute and wonderful pairs of ladies earrings that are fashionable
It has a blue color and it looks very feminine; It offers you a unique style
You can wear this accessory in different kinds of occasion
Material: Copper Alloy, Acrylic
Package Includes:

1 pair x Geometric Earrings Fashion Accessories

Heart Rug Decorative Faux Fur Mat

Has a faux suede lining with fine strands of velvet fur
It has a heart shape and it can beautify any floor surfaces inside your humble home
A decorative rug that is suitable for tiles, laminated, or wooden floors
Material: Artificial Wool
Thickness: About 5 - 6cm
Size: 30 x 40cm
Package Includes:

1 x Heart Rug Decorative Faux Fur Mat

Ladder Chair Convertible Display Rack

This ladder chair is a chair, step ladder, and a display rack in one; You can further convert the chair into a high chair for your toddler
It is made of solid wood so it is very durable
It is easy to fold and it has a handle hole so you can easily carry it
Material: Wood
Product Variants:

Design 1: 66 x 55x 42 cm
Design 2: 64.5 x 58 x 28.5cm
Design 3: 55 x 48 x 29 cm
Design 4: 55 x 33.5cm
Design 5: 88 x 50 x 34 cm

Package Content:

1 x Convertible Ladder Chair

Neck Scarf Ladies Fashionable Scarves

Fashionable and stylish design suitable for work, party, shopping or traveling
Great chance to add sparkle to your everyday style and get compliments from everyone who sees it
Perfect as a birthday gifts for your mom, friends or colleagues
Materials: Polyester and Satin
Net Weight: 60g; Size: 90 x 90cm
Package Includes:

1 x Neck Scarf Ladies Fashionable Scarves

Necktie Formal Men’s Business Ties

Look neat and fashion-forward on your formal suit with these neckties
Has a high-quality design that looks like it's from a high-end luxury brand
Plenty of designs you could choose from so you can find the perfect one or more for you
Material: Polyester Woven Fabric
Size: Length 147cm or 57.87 inches; Width 6cm or 2.36 inches
Package Content:

1 x Necktie Formal Men's Business Ties