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Beer Mug Self-Foaming Server

A beer mug with a mechanism that creates foam
Pump the lever to initiate the formation of bubbles and to rise at the top
Made of acrylic plastic
Size: Approx.133 x 80 x 129 mm
Color: Mug - transparent; mechanism - yellow
Package contents: 1 x Beer Mug Self-Foaming Server

Gas Torch Welding Tools Mini Water Oxygen Torch Welding Machine for Jewelry Processing Cable Repairing Hardening

Features:1. It is widely used to as welding tool, for multiple occassions, Jewelry processing, cable repairing, hardening. 2. Can also

Push up Board 9in1 Chest and Arm Toner

This 9in1 pushup board allows you to target specific muscles in your workout
It is a "plug and press" board with color-codes on the muscles that you specifically want to tone in your workout
Blue is for your chest muscles; Red for shoulders; Yellow for back muscles; and Green for your Triceps
Product Variants:

Folding Type:

Material: ABS
Product Weight: 1400g
Size of Support Plate: 650 x 195 x 18.5mm

Non-Folding Type

Support Board Size: 59.5 x 18 x 2cm
Weight: 1100g

Pushup Grip Handles Only
Non-Folding with Band

Package Content:

Non-Folding/Folding Type:

2 x Grip Handles (Black/Blue)
16 x Slot Covers
1 x Pushup Support Board

Grip Handles Only

2 x Pushup Grip Handles

Non-Folding with Band

2 x Grip Handles (Black/Blue)
16 x Slot Covers
1 x Pushup Support Board
Elastic Band