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50pcs Cloth Table Napkin Satin Fabric

A piece of washable cloth that can help you wipe your mouth and hands
Can be placed on the table as design or on your lap as you follow a napkin etiquette
It can be folded into different shapes and styles without any hassle
Material: Satin
Size: 30cm
Package Content/s Per Variant:

50pcs x Cloth Table Napkin Satin Fabric
50pcs x Napkin Ring Silver
50pcs x Napkin Ring Gold

Adult Bibs Waterproof Clothing Protector

Protection against spills and splashes during mealtimes or other activities
Generally oversized to fit most people and ideal to use for individuals or elderly people who need feeding assistance
Material: PVC cloth / Size: 75 x 45cm
Package Included: 1 x Adult Bibs Waterproof Clothing Protector

Bathroom Cleaning Brush Toilet Cleaner

Practical, convenient to use and fashionable, with unique cherry style design
It has a base design to make it more hygienic and tidy
High-quality and anti-skid handle for thorough cleaning
Materials: High-quality brush silk, ABS new plastic PP material
Size: 400 x 150 x 150mm/ 15.75 x 5.91 x 5.91"; Weight: 230g
Package Includes:

1 x Bathroom Cleaning Brush Toilet Cleaner

Bathtub Cover Foldable Bath Accessory

The Bathtub Cover can fit almost all types of bathtubs; It is durable and convenient
Can be used as a laptop table or to hold drinks; Keeps the water clean and uncontaminated
Helps maintain the water temperature; Foldable, space-saving and easy to use
Material: Stainless Steel Screws, Non-Toxic Material
Package Contents:

1 x Bathtub Cover

Bed Skirt Polyester Home Decor

The Bed Skirt Polyester Home Decor has an elastic edge for convenience when putting it on
Lightweight and washable; It covers the underside of the bed to improve room appearance
Has a simple yet elegant design; Minimizes dust that accumulates under the bed

Material: Polyester

Size Variants:

S: 200 x 120cm



XL= 200x200cm

Package Contents:

1 x Bed Skirt

Bow Hair Clip Ladies Hair Accessory

It is a wonderful hair accessory for all the ladies who want to look pretty and lovely
Cute and elegant, suitable for any kind of hairstyle, helps girls look charming and attractive
You can wear this hair clip on any occasion or even as an everyday wear
Material: Satin
Size: 11.5 x 17cm/ 4.5 x 6.7"
Package Includes:

1 x Bow Hair Clip Ladies Hair Accessory

Bra Organizer Underwear Travel Bag

Keep all your underwear in this bra organizer travel bag to make packing underwear more convenient
Has a good storage capacity which allows you to store your bra without having to fold it
Uses a waterproof material that keeps the underwears inside safe and dry
Material: Waterproof Oxford Fiber
Size: 26cm x 13cm x 12cm
Package Content:

1 x Bra Organizer Underwear Travel Bag

Cell Phone Bag Leather Shoulder Bag

Wear this cell phone bag and bring your phone with you at all times
It has beautiful leather material that is also available in different colors
Cann efficiently hold your credit card, cash, phone, and other items
Size: (L x W x Ht) 18cm x 4.5cm x 11cm
Material: PU + Synthetic Leather
Package Content:

1 x Cell Phone Bag Leather Shoulder Bag

Dreadlock Extensions Synthetic Dreads

Wear these dreadlock extensions to enhance the volume of your locks and make it more beautiful
Has shiny and healthy-looking synthetic locks that will help your hair appear more beautiful
Comes in different colors to match your natural hair color shade
Weight: 70gram per pack
Length: 14inch
Package Contents:

30 x Strands Dreadlock Extensions Synthetic Dreads

Elastic Aerial Yoga Hammock

Develops your the customers metal health conditions.
It increases the good blood flow in your body.
Good exercise for weight loss and developing muscles.
Increases the stability of the person exercising.
Comes in 20 different colors.
The product is elastic and can endure your weight while exercising.
Gives you a sense of balance in your physical and mental health.

Gym Bar Door Horizontal Pull-Up Equipment

Steel bar for push and pull up exercise
Easy to install
With foam cover for a comfortable grip
With screws for added protection
100 cm total stretched length
Material: Steel
Weight capacity:

Black, silver: 150 kg
Red, gray: 200 kg

Hair Color Wax Washable Dye

Creates a natural looking hair dye finish
Easy to apply and easy to wash off
Suitable for men and women and for all hair lengths
Can be used for full color, ombre, highlights, and more
Content: 100 grams
Package List:

1 x Hair Color Wax Washable Dye