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Bridal Flower Crown Hair Accessory

This Bridal Flower Crown has an elastic strap which can fit many sizes
Made of faux flowers which are consistent in quality and doesn’t cause allergies
It has a beautiful and elegant design that will surely complete any hair look
Material: Polyester, Elastic
Size: Stretchable / Weight: 9 g
Package Contents:

1 x Bridal Flower Crown

Camera Neck Strap Ethnic Design

A stylish camera neck strap that is suitable for your DSL, DSLR, and other digital cameras that have side holes for the straps
It has a unique woven design which makes it more durable compared to other types of camera neck straps
It is built to hold heavy cameras for long hours; Plus, it has an anti-slip feature that prevents your expensive cameras from slipping
Material: Nylon & PU Leather/Strap Width: 3.6cm
Length Overall: 145cm/Strap Length: 75cm
Package Content:

1 x Camera Neck Strap

Floral Headbands Kids Hair Accessories

Perfect for those kids who are allergic to flowers
Adjustable and comfortable to wear even for long hours
Ideal to use for birthday parties, family photography and many more
Material: Acetate and Polyester
Length: 16cm/ 6.29"
Package Includes:

1 x Floral Headbands Kids Hair Accessories

Keyring Bracelet Key Holder Wrist Accessory

This bangle bracelet is a function key holder for your house, car, and other important keys
You can attach the keys on this bracelet and never fear to lose them
Fashionable bracelet bangles that are also functional fashion accessories
Material: Silicone
Bracelet Size (Diameter): 7.7 cm / Key Holder Diameter: 2.8 cm
Package Content:

 1 x Keyring Holder

Ladder Stool Foldable Step Stool

With foldable feature for easy keeping and portability
The topmost step is suitable to use as a seat for added feature
Has soft seat cover for protection and comfort
Wood type: birch
Dimensions: 42 x 49 x 63cm (whole ladder) / 20 x 40 x 2cm (seat)
Package content:

1 x Ladder Stool Foldable Step Stool

Ladies Cotton Shorts Mid Waist Shorts

A versatile summer essential for ladies who want comfort, style, and practicality
Perfect for ladies on the go or relaxing on the beach
It has a very soft and comfortable fabric that ladies are going to love, it comes with side pockets to store small items
Material: Cotton
For a list of sizes and measurements, please scroll down to the description area to find the sizing chart
Package Includes:

1 x Ladies Cotton Shorts Mid Waist Shorts

Leather Car Seat Cover Accessory

Upgrade your car seats and make them look new again with this leather car seat cover
It has an anti-skid design that is not only comfortable but safer as well
The leather material makes your car look classier and more expensive to look at
Material Type: Leather
Item Height: 20cm/ Item Length: 20cm/ Item Width: 20cm
Weight: 1kg
Package Content:

1 x Leather Car Seat Cover Accessory

Pet Couch Cover Waterproof Slipcover

Avoid damaging your couch from your pet's fur and sharp claws by using this pet couch cover Has breathable material, it is easy to install with stretchable fabric and waterproof to prevent spill stains Easily keep your couch cover clean by washing this, the durable material effectively protects Material: 100% Polyester Size Variants: 1-Seat: 53-190cm 2-Seat: 116-190cm 3-Seat: 167-190cm Package Content: 1 x Pet Couch Cover Waterproof Slipcover

Towel Set Bath Hand Face (3Pcs)

This set is complete with 3 pieces of towels for you to use in your body, hand, and face
Dry, clean, and wipe your skin and hair with the use of these towels
It has an absorbent and soft material to give comfort to your skin while using it
Fabric: 100% cotton

Bath Towel: 70 x 140cm
Hand Towel: 35 x 35cm
Face towel: 35 x 75cm

Package content:

1 x  Bath Towel
1 x Hand Towel
1 x Face Towel