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3D Brick Wallpaper Wall Stickers

Create that brick wall design without having to spend fortunes with this 3d brick wallpaper
Very realistic 3D design and easy to install as well, just like pasting a huge sticker
Strong adhesion that will really last for a long time
Material:  XPe foam
Product Size : 60x30 cm
Package Content:

1 x 3D Brick Wallpaper Wall Stickers

Bathroom Hand Towel Washcloth

It has a soft and absorbent fabric material so you can dry your hands quickly
This towel is also quick-drying, making it effective and hygienic to use
Suitable to use in the bathroom for wiping your wet hands or face
Material: cotton, polyester
Dimensions: 25 x 50cm
Package content:

1 x Bathroom Hand Towel Washcloth

Brow Pencil Waterproof Leopard Design

Long lasting and waterproof
Natural looking and easy to apply
Has brush on the other side of the pencil for perfect blending
Color: Black, Light Coffee, Dark Coffee, Gray, Brown
Length: 14.5 cm( approx)
Weight: 7 g

Curtain Holdbacks Home Ornament

The Curtain Holdbacks Home Ornament effectively keeps curtains in place
It is lightweight and resistant to corrosion
It is flexible, durable and high-strength
Main Material: Aluminum Alloy/ Surface Cover: Synthetic Material / Size: 65 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Curtain Holdback

Curtain Tie Backs Magnetic Pearl Ball

Ties and holds your curtains back so you can let the sunshine bring natural light into your house
Easy to use tiebacks since it has magnets for convenience in tying and untying the rope
Simple yet fashionable and elegant design to use in your window drapes
Material: Alloy + Magnet
Dimensions: 30/40cm/15.75" (Approx.)
Package content: 1 x Curtain Tie Backs Magnetic Pearl Ball

Hair Volume Powder Root Concealer

Cover your thinning hair and make it look thick and healthy with this hair volume powder
Easy to apply and has great coverage which makes it really effective
Safe and non-toxic to use so you can use it confidently every day
Ingredients: fatty acid triglycerides, floor wax, beeswax, oxidized vegetable oils, polyethylene, caprylic or capric triglyceride, Ethylhexyl palmitate, bismuth oxychloride, CI77499, CI77510, vitamin E, propylparaben, rose extract.
Net Wt: 4g
Package Content:

 1 x Hair Volume Powder Root Concealer

Kitchen Sink Filter Reusable Strainer

This Kitchen Sink Filter effectively separates the large particles from the liquid
It has a durable and sturdy shape that is easy to clean up and is reusable too
Made of waterproof material that dries quickly and it also doesn’t deform easily
Material: Soft TPR
Size: 13 cm x 13 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Kitchen Sink Filter

Silk Hair Tie Ponytail Scrunchie

Make your regular ponytail more beautiful and elegant by using this silk hair tie to tie your hair up
This scrunchie has a beautiful material and design and is perfect for recreating that vintage hairstyle
This has durable elastic and is tight enough to hold the hair, it also does not get loose easily
Material: Satin Polyester
Diameter: about 10 cm
Package Content:

1 x Silk Hair Tie Ponytail Scrunchie

Waterproof Elastic Armchair Wingback Wing Chair Slipcover Protector Covers

Descriptions:Waterproof Elastic Armchair Wingback Wing Chair Slipcover Protector Covers Specifications:Product Name:Wing Chair Slipcover Material:Spandex Waffle Fabric Color:Deep coffee, light purple,