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Fake Plants Artificial Home Decorations

Looks realistic and fresh making it perfect to decorate in homes or offices
No water, sunlight, or trimming needed so you can keep it looking alive all the time
With varying designs and colors to choose from so, you can match it with your other furniture
Material: Plastic

Rose style: 20 x 20cm
Longxu style: 26 x 19cm
Yunsong style: 26 x 19cm
Songzhen style: 14 x 19cm
Circular shrub: 15 x 26cm

Package content variations:

1 x Pink Rose style
1 x White Rose style
1 x Yellow Rose style
1 x Purple Rose style
1 x Orange Rose style
1 x Dark Purple style
1 x  Yellow Longxu style
1 x  Purple Longxu style
1 x  Orange Longxu style
1 x  Green Longxu style
1 x  Pink Longxu style
1 x Yellow Songzhen style
1 x Purple Songzhen style
1 x Orange Songzhen style
1 x Green Songzhen style
1 x White Songzhen style
1 x Pink Songzhen style
1 x Dark Purple Songzhen style
1 x  Yellow Yunsong style
1 x  Purple Yunsong style
1 x  Orange Yunsong style
1 x  Green Yunsong style
1 x  Red Yunsong style
1 x  Pink Yunsong style
1 x Rose Yunsong style
1 x Green Circular shrub