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Let the Child Fly on Your Back

I believe we all dreamed of flying in the sky or ride on horseback when we were young. Then our parents would pick us up and ride us on their backs to make our dreams come true.

But for a long time in this position to accompany the child to experience the feeling of flying or riding, both the parents and the child’s body will be tired, which is prone to risk. If you want to make it easy for both of you to play with your children, then this Daddle Piggy Back Ride Saddle perfect for you!

Daddle Piggy Back Ride Saddle

A Great Family Bonding Activity

A child riding on the back of a parent is a higher, more exciting sensory experience, which is fantastic and wonderful for every child. This kind of play is very conducive to promoting the relationship between parents and children, children are more willing to play with their parents, so as to strengthen the family bond.

Happy Family

Comfortable, Safe and Reliable

It’s specially designed to give kids a fun and memorable piggyback ride experience. It has a user-friendly design that makes it easy for the parent to wear and for the child to sit on. The daddle has arm straps that you wear like a backpack.

Moreover, it also has an adjustable waist strap with a snap buckle for easy and secure wearing. Of course, the daddle has a saddle where the kids can comfortably sit on and two hand grips.In fact, it is safer to use this saddle rather than by giving piggyback rides without any cushion at all! 

Product Parameters

Through this piggyback saddle, you’ll be able to mimic what it’s like to “horseback ride” in the convenience of your own home. It’s ideal for children who are already 2 years old but are not more than six years old. 

It has arm straps and an adjustable waist strap with snap buckle; The saddle has a comfortable seat cushion and two handgrips
Gives you the best piggyback ride experience; Thus, a great family bonding activity
Suitable Age: 2-6 Years Old / One Universal Size Only
Package Content: 1 x Daddle Piggyback Ride Saddle

Take your family bonding to a whole new level with the Daddle: the ultimate piggyback ride saddle! Piggyback ride is part of every child’s childhood. It’s probably one of the most fun games to play as a kid.Through the daddle, you will be able to spend quality time with your children. After all, they won’t be children forever.

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