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Disguise your drink

Coca Cola, a huge business empire founded in 1886, sells its products to every corner of the world, except Penguin home in Antarctica and polar bear’s home in the North Pole. According to statistics, it now has 1.7 billion consumers a day.

Coca Cola is a popular beverage all over the world. It is an important part of American culture. In a sense, the cultural value of Coca Cola has been greater than the beverage itself. Even at the peak of the cold war between the United States and the Soviet Union in the last century, the Soviet high-level was unable to resist the temptation of Coca Cola. Finally, it opened the door for American Coke and became the first American company to enter the Soviet Union.

Zhukov’s disguise

In people’s eyes, Russia and the Soviet Union are addicted to alcohol, and vodka with high concentration is their favorite drink. However, few people know that since World War II, many Soviet soldiers and even senior Soviet generals fell in love with American Coca Cola at first sight.


Soviet Marshal Zhukov also tasted Coca Cola during his contact with senior American officials. Since then, vodka and Coca Cola have become the “military God”‘s favorite. However, after the beginning of the cold war, the United States and the Soviet Union cut off contact, and Zhukov could no longer drink Coca Cola, which was very upsetting to the Soviet marshal.


Later, Zhukov visited East Germany and contacted Clark, the commander of the U.S. Army in Austria. After a routine “business” greeting, Zhukov quietly asked Clark, “can you get some boxes of coke for him?”. But at that time, it was a big crime to bring American goods back home without authorization. Zhukov did not dare to commit such a crime. Therefore, Clark found the person of Coca Cola company and decided to disguise Coca Cola as vodka and let Zhukov take it back to China. It was the most ridiculous smuggling case in World War II.

Coca Cola specially made a batch of colorless and transparent Coca Cola, and the packaging was similar to vodka. So Marshal Zhukov returned home with these vodka.

Camouflage in the world cup

The world cup has started and people all over the world are crazy about it. In the last few years, a lot of people went to Russia. It’s just to watch a football live broadcast of the world cup of a team I support. Many people like to drink beer when they watch the world cup. But when you watch the world cup, you can’t bring beer into the field. It have to confiscate your beer when you see it. Because afraid the fans drink too much beer and make their own control.

Smart approach

It doesn’t matter if it’s coke or something else. So a lot of people think carefully. Like the Russian guy in the picture, he came up with a good idea. He found a coke bottle about the size of a beer can. And cut this Coca Cola up and down. When you cut it, you have to compare the size.

And cut it in the middle.

Then polish the surface of this Coca Cola.

Look at how carefully he does it. He is such a careful child. It’s also very good by hand. The iron sheet is polished very well.

Just after polishing the iron sheet of this coke. He put the Coca Cola on the top of the beer can and stuck the cut end with something. If there is color difference, apply some more paint.

So he disguised the beer bottle as coke. I can’t see it in my hand. Because he made it very carefully, he couldn’t see it if he didn’t see it. It was beer in it.

Novel products

But now some businesses on the Internet have launched a camouflage tool. So we don’t have to go through so much trouble. A coke rubber sleeve. It can be applied directly to canned drinks for camouflage.

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