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Inflatable Alien Costume Halloween Suit

Halloween, this is a good day for us to deepen our feelings and exchanges with each other. If you are looking for a unique and interesting Halloween costume. Congratulations, the inflatable alien costume can help you blend into this lively festival. On this day, you can dress yourself up as any character you like and yearn for. You can make this day the most special and memorable day of the year. The Halloween party is a time for everyone to show their creativity, so wearing the inflatable alien costume we designed, you will become the brightest star at the Halloween party.

unique and interesting design

The inflatable alien costume in Halloween is novel in design, it is not complicated. The design is simple and clear but full of stories, as if the inflatable alien seems to hug you behind. Its prosthetic legs show you that the aliens are completely carrying you. You can put on several layers of clothes without complicated clothes to complete the look. This costume is very fitting and easy to wear. You can then easily inflate the remaining parts immediately.

Inflatable Alien Costume display

Quality product details

Highly waterproof coated fabric is breathable, Comfortable and air-tight,Fashionable and stylish,The size of the elastic waistband is adjustable,It is not easy to leak,The pattern is exquisite and clear in Halloween.

Not only for Halloween

Its simple and interesting design can help you attract popularity in various special occasions such as bars, clubs, dance parties, physical stores, shopping malls, parks, TV stations, supermarket chains, carnivals, commercial promotions, and promotional activities.

How to use

First, open the packaging bag, find the battery box, then find the screwdriver groove on the side, take out the accessories inside, and close the groove. Second, install the battery (note the positive and negative poles of the battery), and then fix the battery back cover with screws. Take out the blower, unscrew the upper ring cover and find the similar round holes on the clothes. Finally, put the blower from the inside of the clothes into the round hole and tighten the blower from the outside of the clothes with the ring cover. After completing the above steps, you can get it dressed and go to the Halloween party to shine.

Wear it and enjoy your Halloween

In the perfect sound effects, dazzling lights, and bloody angels, becoming you kidnapped by green aliens is enough to make you “bright” the audience, become the focus of dialogue, and make everyone crazy for you. Let us create fear together, because fear makes us more passionate. Let us be crazy for aliens together! Have fun together!

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