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Maybe the sky is watching you

There are always some scenery, is our imagination, can not reach the place, a leaf vein, can stretch tens of kilometers of water and clouds, set up the path through the dream. We revolve with the high-altitude air current to create a vertical world on the land edge. The rhythm of life is surging in the deep forest. The legend of ancient tribes is echoed in the deep forest. The mountain top hides the traces of ancient gods and beasts, overlooking the world under the clouds. Behind the figures and lines are the secrets of the creation of heaven. Hundreds of millions of years ago, there were as many fish as sand here. If we dive below the water, we will find that we are flying over the peaks of life.

This cycle goes on and on, until the mountains and forests rewrite its genetic code, until the sea water updates its wandering track. We are extremely patient with the life here, extract the carrier of wisdom from the fiber, and create the energy of life in the deep desert. Sometimes, life is like duckweed Life has to go against the wind. The span of thousands of years is from here to there. The 600 year old clock of the shore keeps the time inertia of the ancestors. Decades ago, fishermen here were still looking forward to the outside world. Now, it has gathered the expectations of half the world…

Different visual experience!

We live in this land every day, but in fact, we have only seen a small part of the land’s richness and beauty. With the support of UAV technology, we can see the landscape and culture that we can’t normally see.

Aerial photography

It turns out that using aerial camera to make eyes, from the sky, the ground is so beautiful. The vast land connect with tiny creatures. Those on the ground can not see the texture and pattern, that winding canal, that clump of trees in the original photography lens can change so strange, so amazing!
Aerial photographing with no aircraft not only has a wide angle, but also can accommodate a lot of picture information.

Unique perspective

There are a lot of places where you feel ordinary standing on the ground. When you look at the scenery from above, you will find amazing patterns. Drones give you access to areas below 300 feet that most aircraft and helicopters are not allowed to enter.

Continuous creativity, unlimited brain hole shooting concept.
Change the angle to youth!

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