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Walking Food Blender

If, at this point in the pandemic, preparing nearly all of your food at home is feeling more like a chore than a relief, it might be time to consider an appliance that will save you time by chopping and dicing at the press of a button: a food processor.

Let this powerful Mini Blender help you mix and blend fruits or vegetables! This is a portable food processor that is very convenient to use because it can help you make smoothies and other healthy drinks.

At the same time, it can blend protein shakes and some of your favorite fruit drinks. You can enjoy drinking some tasty drinks in the morning and afternoon after making them. Since it has a small size, you can also carry it along as you travel with your family.

Additionally, you can use it in making your baby’s food. Good thing this blender has a durable body material and powerful blade. The blades will cut all the ingredients perfectly and the blender’s body an keep everything inside so they can mix well.

Reliable Food Blender

This is a reliable food blender that is suitable for people who are always on the go. If ever you want to make a single glass of smoothie, this is a perfect device for you. You can grab the bottle right away and carry it with you anytime you want.

Now you have the chance to taste the nutrients of various vegetables and fruits as you blend them on this food processor. It can help you keep your body healthy and strong as you keep on blending nutritious food.

All you have to do is add some food inside the bottle and fix it well on the motor base. Plug the wire and then turn it on. Afterward, you can remove the bottle and drink the delicious smoothie.

Squeeze and drink now, anytime, anywhere

Technical innovation has been made on the traditional food blender, combining the motor base with the food blender, and it is only the size of a thermos cup, which is truly transformed into a portable food blender.


Put the prepared fruits and vegetables into the cup, add appropriate water or milk, and cover the lid.

Insert the cup into the base, turn on the power, and press the switch.

Proper Care Of Your Mini Blender

Since you can use this device for a long period of time, you have to take good and proper care of it. Always remember that you should not put hot water inside and you need to wash it well after every use.

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