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New Design Kit-01lm Vlog Microphone Kit

When it comes to getting professional-looking vlogs, most people these days will simply use the amazing camera on their phones. Almost everyone in today’s world has a smartphone, and these generally come with cameras that have excellent video quality. But while this is a cheap and easy solution to start to create your own vlogs, how can you take them to the next level? Getting your hands on a simple vlogging kit can quickly take an average vlog to an amazing one with a few simple pieces of equipment!

Take the KIT-01LM Vlogging kit for example. This handy little kit comes with everything that you will need in order to start vlogging with your phone and will really help to step up the quality. You can find this amazing vlog kit at

A lot of people make vlogs, but very few will actually take the time to set up their phone with a few simple pieces of gear in a vlogging kit that will take their videos to the next level. Let’s take a deeper dive into the three basic components that any good phone vlogging kit should come with, and how they can help you create one-of-a-kind masterpieces every time you vlog with your very own smartphone!


First and foremost, you need a tripod to hold your phone or camera when vlogging. While smartphones can take some amazing videos, they usually can’t stand up on their own. This is where the tripod comes in, and will allow you to take many more different types of videos instead of solely handheld shots. The tripod is also essential to keeping your shot level and stable when you aren’t there to hold it. This particular vlogging kit of course includes a quality tripod that is the perfect size to take on the go. It is also flexible, meaning that it can get you 360 degrees of unobstructed shots. It is also compatible with other cameras and go pros should you need to use it for anything else! A nice feature that is included is its ability to sit with three legs, or simply fold all of them together to switch the tripod to an “on the go” mode where you can use it handheld for more variety!


The next essential kit piece is a quality light. This is important, as you can not always rely on the natural lighting in many settings to be sufficient enough. With a good light that is situated with your camera or phone, you will be able to come across clearly and properly lit in all of your vlogs. The last thing that you want to happen is to take a lot of time and effort to record your vlogs, only to review them later and realize that they are super dark. One of the best types of lights that you can get for this purpose are LED lights. These lights will not only be brighter and of higher quality, but they will last you much longer.

With this kit, you will get a light that includes an array of 36 different LED lights that will give you plenty of illumination even in the darkest settings. This light can mount to the shoe-mount of almost all video cameras and DSLRs, but can also attach to the smartphone holder that is also included inside of this kit!


Easily one of the most important aspects of quality vlogs, the microphone will ensure that you have good sound in your videos. Many experts agree that sound is the most important aspect of a video, even more, important than video quality. If the sound is not good, viewers simply will not watch it while they will tolerate other things like subpar video quality. With how important sound is, it is extremely vital that you get yourself a good microphone so that your voice is heard clearly and loudly in your vlogs. This microphone can plug directly into your phone, allowing the video and sound to sync flawlessly which means less editing for you later on.


A handy extra that you can find included in this kit is a simple remote that will help you to activate your phone without you having to do it yourself. This will allow you to get set up and simply hit a button to start recording, making your vlogs even easier to film and ensuring that they are even higher in quality. Not every vlog kit will include something like this, so the fact that the KIT-01LM vlogging kit means that you are getting even more value for the price you are paying! This remote will connect to your phone with Bluetooth, and has a long range of around 30 feet. It is extremely small and handy, and will easily slip into your pocket where you will not even notice it until you need it for your next video!

Phone Holder

Last but not least, you have another piece of gear that is not usually included in vlogging kits and that is a phone holder. This is the central piece that will connect to your tripod and securely hold your phone. It will also serve as a mount for the other equipment such as the microphone and LED light. With everything put together and your phone held in place, you can hit record on your remote and start to film all of your vlogs!

Final Thoughts Vlogging has become increasingly popular over the years, and more and more creators are turning to their smartphones in order to easily film their vlogs. But while your smartphone can take some amazing videos, a simple vlogging kit like this one can instantly take your average videos and make them great. This vlogging kit will come with everything that you will need in order to either start vlogging on your phone or to improve the overall quality of your vlogs going forward. If you have ever considered trying out a kit like this, you will not want to miss out on the KIT-01LM Vlogging Kit! You can pick one up for yourself by going to

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