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New members of the family

Now many families have an indispensable that is humidifier. The humidifier can adjust the indoor air and humidity, keep the humidity of the air.

Compared with coastal cities, the moisture content in the air of inland cities is much less than that in coastal cities. In addition, with the constant promotion of air conditioning, there almost no water left. As the moisture in the air decreases, the water in our body will also accelerate evaporation.The body’s water will lose quickly, so we need to drink water, water However, sometimes due to work reasons, occasionally neglect this problem, resulting in organ sensitivity, such as nasal dryness, skin cracking, such as skin peeling at the corners of the mouth, and body dryness and heat, such as inflamed.

Imagine when you look up at the dense fog created by the humidifier when you are busy at work. The feeling of fairyland makes people forget the fatigue of work, and the thinking gradually becomes ethereal with the mist.

Girls who can enjoy more will put a little essential oil into the humidifier, which can not only make the room full of plant fragrance, but also relax the body and mind by the power of essential oil.

Odorants, aromatics,
Calm and concentrate, release pressure and relieve irritability

The smell of sweet orange flower is sweet and full-bodied with strong aftereffect, it makes people feel lighter and less stressed;
Bitter orange flower smell slow and deep, with a sweet taste, full of aftereffect, smell will make people feel relaxed.

Although they are slightly different, they belong to the derivative flavor of orange series. They can regulate the autonomic nervous system by inhibiting the acceleration of heart rate and the rise of blood pressure caused by excessive stimulation of sympathetic nerve.

Orange blossom is a calming and balanced essential oil, which can eliminate nervous tension, irritability and release pressure. It can make people feel relaxed after smelling it, which is enough to provide emotional and physiological soothing effect.

Smell freshener,
Refresh your mind and improve your work efficiency

Some essential oils can not only improve the body’s immunity and avoid being infected by bacteria. At the same time, it can soothe and relieve headache and migraine. The strong and fresh fragrance can refresh the mind, invigorate the spirit, relieve irritability and purify the air.

Air fungicides,
Sterilization can also prevent respiratory diseases

Although it can not kill bacteria, it can effectively inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria.
Relieve the irritation of harmful substances in the air on skin and mucous membraneSuch as sneezing and dryness caused by nasal irritation.
At the same time, it can also prevent and alleviate the symptoms of upper respiratory tract infection.

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