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No imagination, no LEGO

Perhaps the reason why Lego is so prosperous and prosperous is that children’s imagination and creativity are the reasons!

“Lego is full of creativity, and every piece of thinking is the slogan of LEGO’s early years. It’s plain to take apart, but you can create different things with a little effort.If you have six eight raised rectangular Lego blocks, these six blocks can make more than 102981500 combinations. This figure is only limited to the basic combination mode of vertical and horizontal, and does not consider the result of special fabric method such as oblique direction.

LEGO has a history of 80 years. Lego building blocks are now children’s favorite toys. There are more than 1300 kinds of shapes, each of which has 12 different colors, mainly red, yellow, blue, white and black. It depends on the children’s own brains and hands, and can put together endless shapes, which makes people love it. It “magic plastic building blocks”. Lego’s hometown is Denmark.

Develop children’s hands-on ability

LEGO needs children to do it with their own hands. Through different methods to exercise children’s hands-on ability, build their own satisfactory works. In the hands-on process, the neurons will be dense, the child will be more intelligent. The practical ability has become an important index to judge whether the nervous system is normal or not and whether the intellectual development is backward.

The sensitive period of early childhood movement is 0-6 years old, including body movement and hand fine movement. At this stage, the child will try and learn all kinds of movements, and learn things quickly. The development of sports ability at this time will affect their life!

Step by step stimulate children’s interest, care for imagination

In the process of children learning to build Lego, most children will learn more and more interested, from building a simple building block to building suspension bridges, forklift trucks and various kinds of robots. The accumulation of knowledge keeps them interested in learning and grows up happily.

In a playroom full of children’s interest, there are a group of very quiet children. Why don’t they play, why are they so serious? What are they doing? It turns out that they are fighting LEGO.、 In the open space, a child’s idea is not to be seen in a child’s space. What’s the child’s idea in the past After playing with the parts of their hands, the children rushed to the open space and began to assemble LEGO toys together.
I want to be a teacher when I grow up!
I want to be an architect when I grow up! The children have put together a tall skyscraper!

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