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Pie Face Toy Family Game

What if the party atmosphere is not warm enough? Pie face will help you.The Pie Face created by Hasbro is very popular.

This game item is basically a must-have for a party. This is a game of fighting hand speed, but super fast hand speed is not enough. It must also have a bonus of good luck!

Source of inspiration:Russian roulette

I believe everyone has heard of the game of Russian roulette. The rules of Russian roulette are very simple: put one or more bullets into the six bullet slots of the revolver, spin the revolver at will, close the revolver.

Participants in the game take turns pointing their pistols to their heads and squeezing the trigger; of course, those who are shot will automatically exit, and those who are stage fright will lose, and the one who persists until the end is the winner. The gambler on the sidelines puts a bet on the lives of the participants.

Cruel gambling games gradually developed, and the cruelty gradually degraded, and evolved into today’s  Pie Face.

Super popular toys

In April this year, a video of a pair of Scottish grandsons playing Pie face was posted on the Internet and quickly became popular. Driven by the viral video company Jukin, the click-through rate was out of control. The video promotion effect is so good that even South Korean national variety show Running Man discovered this game full of entertainment effects, adopted it in the program and gained super high ratings.

Very communicative

The American company Hasbro was keenly aware of this trend and bought the production and sales rights of Pie Face from a British company around June this year, and started manufacturing this toy early in preparation for the year-end shopping season .

Another popular reason is that the end of the year is the gift season, and many media have listed Pie Face in the list of recommended gifts. In short, this thing is really very communicative.

How to play

Unlike many board games, Pie Face does not need to learn complicated rules. It is truly a game for all ages without any barriers and suitable for all ages. The player turns the turntable to determine the number of times to spin the toy handle. The handle will randomly throw cream onto the player’s face.

 Let’s play together!

The unexpectedly creamy face makes people who are participating or bystanders full of suspense and tension. Some people may think that the cream is not stimulating enough, so let’s try what happens when we put the chili on it! It is very exciting to think about it!

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