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Weather Stripping Sealing Tape

For sealing openings on door and window frames
Blocks out dust, rainwater, snow, and sand; keeps in airconditioning and heating to save electricity
Windproof, dustproof, waterproof, and weather-proof
Size: 3cm x 1cm/1.5cm x 1cm
Length: 5 meters
Colors/Sizes: black, white, gray (15mm or 30mm)

Webcam Cover and Phone Camera Cover

Protects your privacy from hackers
Very thin plastic material
For your phone, tablets, and laptops
Easy to install
Slides open and close

Weed Puller Tool Gardening Tool

This Weed Puller Tool uproots pesky weeds easily and without all the hassle
It has a wooden handle that is comfortable to hold and doesn’t slip from the user’s grip
The tip is forked so it can grab the roots of the weeds tightly and pry it out of the soil
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: approx. 12 inches
Package Contents:

1 x Weed Puller Tool

Weed Removal Tool Garden Fork

This Weed Remover Tool uproots weeds to prevent them from growing back
It has a fork tip which grips the weeds tightly so it removes them in one pull
 The tool has a wooden handle that is comfortable to grip and ergonomic
Material: Stainless Steel, Wood
Size: About 28 x 2.3 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Weed Remover Tool

Weed Snatcher Gardening Tool

This Weed Snatcher effectively uproots weeds without stooping down or wasting time
It removes weeds both on grassy and concrete surfaces and it is durable too
It is stainless and the rod can be disassembled into three pieces
Material: Stainless Steel, ABS
Weed SnatcherSize (LxWx H): About 23 x 18 x 5 cm
Weight: 400g /  Rod Length: 125 cm
Package Contents

1 x Weed Snatcher
1 x Connector Rod

Welding Glasses Protective Gear

Use these welding glasses to protect your eyes from the sparks and radiation when welding
It has an auto-darkening feature that is convenient for you
It is safe and durable for ultimate protection and lightweight as well to be comfortable
Material: PC (lens), ABS/ Light Shade: 4-6/ Dark Shade: 9-13
Variable light speed: 1/25000s
Weight: 113g
Package Content:

1 x Welding Glasses Protective Gear
1 x Black Strap

Welding Gloves Hand Protection

Can be used not only for welding and soldering but also for carpentry or any mechanical work that expose you to dangers like skin burning or cuts
With good lining material for an excellent performance of heat resistance and sweat absorption
Excellent performance in gripping hot stuff such as stove, cookware, burning coal or firewood
Material: Cow split leather
Size: 14"; Dimensions: 36 x 15cm; Weight: 370g
Package List:

1 pair x Welding Gloves Hand Protection

Welding Goggles Solar Power Auto Dim

Has a solar power source making it economical and practical to use
It dims automatically when the arc light is generated
With high-sensitive probe for efficiency in using on all your welding jobs
Lens Material: PC / Power Supply: Solar Power
Delay Time: 0.1s~0.8s / Light shade: DIN3 / Dark shade: DIN3-11 / Switching time: 1/10000s

Black sunglass with blue lens: 108 x 51mm (4.25 x 2in)

Black LCD Rectangular lens: 180 x 70mm (7.09 x 2.76in)

Flipping window yellow glasses: 140 x 95 x 62mm  (5.51 x 3.74 x 2.44in)

Package content:

Black sunglass with blue lens variety:

1 x Welding goggles
1 x Zipper box

Black LCD Rectangular lens variety:

1 x Welding goggles
1 x Zipper box

Flipping window yellow glasses variety:

1 x Welding goggles
1 x High quality plastic bag

Welding Mask Protective Gear

The Welding Mask Protective Gear protects users from radiation, sparks, and eye damage
It offers a wide view with no blind spots; It has an adjustable head strap for comfort
It has an auto-darkening function; It has solar power cells and a sleek design
Material: Plastic, PP/ Weight: 425g
Mask Dimensions (LxWxH): 32 x 21 x 23 cm
Cartridge Size: 11 x 9 cm/ Viewing Area Size: 9.3 x 4.3 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Welding Mask Protective Gear
1 x User Manual

Welding Torch Flame Gas Blower

Easy to install for welding, quenching, heating, and other repairs use
Durable quality material most in silver finish
User-friendly design and available in different sizes
Materials: Stainless steel, plastic
Size (Tip Diameter x Tip Length x Total Length): 15- 10 x 25 x 320 mm, 30- 28 x 75 x 420 mm, 35- 32 x 85 x 460 mm, 50- 47 x 95 x 660 mm , 65- 48 x 95 x 680 mm
Package List:

1 x Welding Torch Flame Gas Blower

Windshield Crack Repair Kit Instant Fix

Instant repair for minimal windshield cracks
Saves you a lot of money from getting it professionally done in a car shop
Very easy to use and leaves superb results!
Ideal working temp: 15 to 32 degrees Celsius
For best results use UV light. If you don't have a UV light, work under the heat of the sun
Package Content:

1 x Windshield Repair Kit

Windshield Repair Glue Tool DIY

This product is a tool used to repair small windshield cracks and prevents the appearance of new ones
It is best to use this product as soon as the damage occurs
It is in a glue form; it is light and portable so you can easily carry it along in your car
Ideal applying temperature: 60℉ to 90℉(15℃ to 32℃)
Weight: 21g/Material: Plastic/Adhesive/Sealant
Package Content:

1 x Windshield Repair Glue
5 x Curing Strips
1 x Razor Nozzle