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1300A Spot Welder 18650 Battery Adjustable Microcomputer Spot Welding Machine Set 20ms-1s Time for 0.2mm Nickel Plate

Advantages:- New high-power transformer – Can be used directly when you get it – A pair of imported concentric ball

1600A Spot Welder Adjustable Microcomputer 18650 Battery Spot Welding Machine Set 20ms-1s Time for 0.25mm Nickel Plate

Description:This microcomputer intermediate frequency spot welding machine is designed according to the general maintenance of the general conventional steel-shell lithium

18650 32650 Li-ion Battery Spot Welder DIY Welding Soldering Machine Portable

Features:●This product is used to weld 18650/32650 lithium battery packs. The thickness of the nickel sheet is 0.1-0.15 mm. ●The

18650 Battery Insulation Gasket Barley Paper Li-ion Pack Cell Insulating Glue Patch Electrode Insulated Pads

Specification:For battery packs:18650 battery packHighland barley insulation gasket for 18650 single hollow cellThe thickness is 0.2mmThe diameter is 18mmPackage Included:10

18650 Battery Spot Welder Pack Fixture Single Row Double Sided Spot Welding Fixed Fixture for Lithium Battery Pack Soldering

Spcification:Name:18650 battery clamp Material:ABS plastic Size:4 sections, 6 sections and 8 sections A The 4 section:Size:75 x 20 x 35mm Weight:20.5g

1kg 0.15x6mm Nickel Strip 18650 Battery Pack Welding Nickel Belt Nickel Plated Steel Strip Lithium Battery Connecting Sheet

Features:In good welding performance. High tensile tension. Low resistivity. Mainly used in the manufacture of nickel-hydrogen batteries, lithium batteries, high

1S Mini Spot Welder Welding Machine DIY 18650 Lithium Battery Nickel Belt Spot Welding Portable Household Fiber Welding Machine

Q&A:Q:What is the difference between the Upgrade 1S and the previous 1?A:1S has added the function of adding your idle automatic

280Pcs Li-ion 18650 Battery Wrap PVC Heat Shrink Tube Precut 30 x 76mm

Specifications:Length:74mm Color:Black, Clear, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Orange, White Shrinking Temperature:80℃ Shrinkage Ratio:48% Flat Diameter:29.5mm (before shrinkage) Shrink Diameter:Approx.18.5mm Wall

2M PVC Heat Shrink Tubing Shrink Tube 18650 Battery Shrink Sleeve Insulation Casing Heat shrink Tube

Features:Appearance:Smooth surface, uniform thickness, no obvious spots, no traces of oil, impurities, folding. Heat shrinkage:Tested at 100°C, horizontal shrinkage of

30mm 18650 Lithium Battery Heat Shrink Tube Li-ion Wrap Cover Skin PVC Shrinkable Tubing Film Sleeves Insulation Sheath

Specification:Length:72mm Flattening width (folding diameter):30mmThickness:0.08mmShrinkage temperature:80℃Temperature range:- 40 ℃ ~ 105 ℃Temperature resistance grade:105 ℃Shrinkage:≥ 48 ± 5%Rated voltage:300VExcellent environmental protection,

3KW High Power Spot Welder for 18650 Lithium Battery Pack Weld Spot Machine Spot Welding 0.2mm Nickel Plated Steel

Features:Large battery pack welding Cooling port Foot switch control Welding bracket adjustable Welding current adjustable (00-99) Pulse adjustable (00-06) Delay

4.2V Li-ion 18650 Battery Charger USB Portable Charger for Smart Phone Small Power Bank

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:Unique connector design fits for Android phone; no cable needed Perfect for power failures, camping, and travel;