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Baitcaster Reel Fishing Gear

Suitable for catching a larger size of freshwater and saltwater fish. It has a wonderful magnetic brake system and the stainless steel ball bearings offer good performance
It has a long handle and modern design. You can rest your thumb on top of the reel spool to control the bait as it makes contact with the fish
This is a useful bait caster reel that can lure out the fish on streams, lakes, or ocean. It has a multidisk carbon fiber drag and a brass gear
Weight: 208g/ Material: Stainless Steel
Bearing Quantity: 12/ Max Drag: 8kg
Use Mode:

Left Handle
Right Handle

Package Content/s Per Variant:

Baitcaster Reel Fishing Gear With Bag
Baitcaster Reel Fishing Gear Without Bag