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Bandage Wrap Self-Adhesive Elastic Bandage

Inhibit bleeding, will not cut off circulation
Easy to cut, self-adhesive
Increase natural healing of injuries
Available in fun colors
No clips needed

Warm Sweater Bandage Dress

Warm Sweater Bandage Dress is a trendy dress for the cold season.
It comes in a variety of colors that you will love to wear.
It is available in sizes small to XL.
Cotton and acrylic are comfortable to wear. The dress is made up of those two materials.

Wrist Bandage Compression Wrap Band

A useful wrap band that can effectively add support on your hand; Perfect for sports and gym use
Can be used on your wrist, arm, ankle, or hand; It can help minimize pain on your sprained wrist or hand
Breathable, flexible, and reliable; Can help strain and sprains to heal quickly
Material: Nylon
Package Includes:

1 x Wrist Bandage Compression Wrap Band