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Memory Foam Bath Mat Anti-Slip Rug

The Memory Foam Bath Mat Anti-Slip Rug is suitable for home use It's an absorbent rug that has a non-slip bottom for convenience It's a memory foam mat that's comfortable to step on Material: Plush, Memory Foam Size (LxW): 40 x 60cm Package Contents: 1 x Memory Foam Bath Mat Anti-Slip Rug

Non-Slip Bath Mat Suction Grip

Place on slip-prone areas - bathroom, kitchen, front doors
Made of durable PVC material
Has many suction grips at the bottom
200 bubble design textured surface
Comfortable and massages the feet
Size: 40 x 100 cm

Plastic Dog Pool Collapsible Bath Tub

Dogs need to cool down when the temperature is too hot. That's why it's ideal to have this dog swimming pool ready in your home
You can easily bath your dogs with this bathtub. Your dogs can play in the water and they can also practice swimming
It has equal square panels on the side for easy folding. Lightweight and easy to tuck and store away
Material: Extra-Tough PVC
Size Variants:

30 x 30 cm / Height: 10 cm / Suitable for 8kg pets
60 x 20 cm / Height: 20 cm / Suitable for 15kg pets
80 x 20 cm / Height: 20 cm / Suitable for 30kg pets
80 x 30 cm / Height: 30 cm / Suitable for 40kg pets
120 x 30 cm / Height: 30 cm / Suitable for 60kg pets
160 x 30 cm / Height: 30 cm / Suitable for 80kg pets

Package Content:

1 x Dog Swimming Pool (Red/Blue)

Quick Dry Bath Towel Eco-Friendly Cloth

A soft and skin and eco-friendly towel that can smoothly wipe on your body after taking a bath or as you go out for a swim in the ocean
The fabric of this towel is absorbent and it is necessary item for people who love to travel and do sports activities
It is comfortable to use and convenient to carry around. It can easily fit well on your bag because it is lightweight and foldable
Material: Polyester, Cotton
Size: 130 x 75cm (51.1 x 29.5 inches)
Weight: 169g
Package Includes:

1 x Quick Dry Bath Towel Eco-Friendly Cloth

Shower Bath Mat Non-Slip PVC Mat

A non-slip mat that can prevent you from slipping on the floor
Can add support on your feet as you walk inside the bathroom
You can mix or match colors and buy more than one to effectively cover the whole surface
Material: PVC
Size: 25 x 25cm
Thickness: 1 cm
Package Includes:

1 x Shower Bath Mat Non-Slip PVC Mat

Shower Floor Mat Bath Anti-Skid Carpet

Add this shower floor mat to your bathroom to make your bathroom less slippery
It has an anti-skid surface and is comfortable to step on, it is also quick to dry as well
This floor mat is easy to clean and does not accumulate water

Material: PVC 

Size: 30 x 30cm
Package Contents per Bundle:

Bundle 1:

2 x Shower Floor Mat Bath Anti-Skid Carpet

Bunde 2:

4 x Shower Floor Mat Bath Anti-Skid Carpet

Silicone Body Scrubber Bath Back Scrubber

It lets you get all those hard to reach areas, you can simply apply your favorite body cleanser to it and get to scrubbing
Promotes good blood circulation, helps you to fight dry skin, rashes, eczema, back acne, and other skin problems
Two-sided back scrubber that offers a textured surface that deeply exfoliates and the other side is a soft and smooth surface for invigorating and massaging the skin
Material: Silicone Gel
Size: 68 x 11cm; 190g
Package Includes:

1 x Silicone Body Scrubber Bath Back Scrubber

Silver Jewelry Cleaner Ultrasonic Bath

Cleans jewelry pieces within minutes using high powered cycles of varying durations
Includes a degassing setting that eliminates hard to reach dirt and buildup in-between spaces and grooves
Timer Settings: 90s, 180s, 280s, 380s, 480s
Power: 35W/ Frequency: 40kHz
Tank Capacity: 600mL / Weight: 1120g
Dimensions: L20cm x W14cm x H12.5cm (Overall), L15.5cm x W9.5cm x H5.2cm

Sonic Cleaner Ultrasonic Bath

Optimally clean accessories, jewelry, tools, instruments and more without damaging them
Includes 18-cycle presets that range from a quick 90 second clean to a long 30 minute clean
Material: Stainless Steel Tank, ABS plastic lid and body
Power: 35 watts / 110-220 volts / Power: 35w / Frequency: 40kHz
Tank Capacity: 600mL / Timer: 30 minutes 18 interval time adjustable
Dimensions: L20.6cm x W15.2cm x H13.2cm (Overall), L15.5cm x W9.2cm x H5.2cm (Tank)

Towel Set Bath Hand Face (3Pcs)

This set is complete with 3 pieces of towels for you to use in your body, hand, and face
Dry, clean, and wipe your skin and hair with the use of these towels
It has an absorbent and soft material to give comfort to your skin while using it
Fabric: 100% cotton

Bath Towel: 70 x 140cm
Hand Towel: 35 x 35cm
Face towel: 35 x 75cm

Package content:

1 x  Bath Towel
1 x Hand Towel
1 x Face Towel