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Book Stopper Bookends Organizer

These book stoppers will support your books from falling or sliding
It is non-skid so it stays perfectly in place, thin material that leaves plenty of space for more books
Height: 15cm or 5.91"/ Width: 13 cm or 5.12"/ Base length: 10.3cm or 4.06"/ Base width: 8cm or 3.15"
Material: Metal
Package Contents

2 x Book Stopper Bookends Organizer

Decorative Bookends Scenic Spots (1 Pair)

Use this decorative bookends in organizing books, notebooks, magazines, and many more
It has a padded base to prevent damages on the table
Durable and can add pretty decoration on your table, shelf, and counter
Material: iron
Dimensions: 16 x 10.5 x 16.8cm
Package content:

Decorative Bookends Scenic Spots (1Pair)

Vinyl Record Bookends (Set of 2)

A creative vinyl record bookends for your books and magazines.
Brings a retro vibe to your room.
Made from high-quality green plastic.
100% brand new.