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4/6 Inch Chain Guide Electric Chainsaw Chains and Guide Used For Logging

Features:- Made of fine quality material, you can use it safely.- Heat treated and quenched rivets make stronger connection between

Snow Chains Anti-Slip Tire Wheel Cable (10 PCS)

The road is slippery when it's snowing, that's why you need these snow chains to add friction between your car's wheels and the road
It is a safety car accessory because it prevents accidents that happen in a slippery road like losing control of your car while you are driving
It is easy to install and you can just remove it when winter is over
Material: Plastic/Size:9 x 900mm
Package Content:

10 x Snow Chains

Snow Tire Chains 10PC Set

The Snow Tire Chains 10PC Set is universal; It is lightweight, durable and convenient
It is reusable and doesn't cause permanent damages on car tires; It is easy to install
It is anti-skid; It provides cars with a better grip on the road during snowy days
Material: Plastic/ Length: 90cm
Width: 1.8 cm/ Thickness: 2mm
Package Contents:

10 x Snow Tire Chains