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18X5.3cm Pencan Nutcracker Sheller Walnut Convenient Plier Walnut Almond Pecan Clip 3 Color

Products Name:Product id:–> Description:MaterialABS+Zinc Alloy+Plastic & Rubber Size:18*5.3cm Color:Purple/Red/Green Features:-Zinc Alloy Quick Walnut Cracker Nutcracker Sheller Nut Opener Kitchen Tool

Artist Glove Convenient Drawing and Painting

The artist glove reduces the friction between your hands and the tablet's screen
The glove prevents you from accidentally smudging on your art while you work on it
Only the ring finger and pinky and gloved, your thumb, index, and middle finger are free to paint or draw
Material: Cloth
Size Variants:

S-Tip of Pinky to Wrist: 14-14.5cm

M - Tip of Pinky to Wrist: 14.5-16.5cm

L- Tip of Pinky to Wrist: 16.5-18.5cm

Package Content:

1 x Artist Glove

Cloth Folder Convenient Folding (10pcs)

Cut down the time you spend on folding clothes by using this clothes folder
Have systematic clothes folding through this folding tool
Strap-on clothes so they do not get messy when piled inside your closet
Material: Plastic
Size Variants:

Large: 42 x 27cm
Small: 37.5 x 24cm

Package Content:

10 x Cloth Folder with Strap

Convenient Micro Irrigation Set Watering Flowers Automatic Controller Timer Electronic Timer Water Garden Home Office

Description:Drip irrigation is an efficient, easy to install permanent irrigation system. it works by applying water slowly, directly to the

CR-10 Heated Bed Platform Nut Hand-tightened Large Nut Convenient and Lightweight for 3D Printer Accessories

Specifications:Product name:3D printer CR-10 hot bed platform nut Colour:Black Material:Plastic Advantages:Quickly level by rotating Package Included:1 x CR-10 hot bed platform

Magnifying Lens Convenient Eyeglasses

Lightweight and portable
Material: Optical Glasses, Plastic / Color: Gray
Lens Magnification: 8 (2pcs 10x, 2pcs 15x, 2pcs 20X, 2pcs 25X)
Objective Lens Size: 15.8mm/Ocular Lens Size: 20mm
Head circumference : about 590mm
Package: 1 x magnifier support, 8 x lenses, 1 x strap, 1 x user manual

Microwave Rack Convenient Storage Shelf

Using this microwave rack will let you utilize more space in your kitchen
You'll be able to utilize more space in your kitchen if you use this storage rack
It is ready to use and you do not have to install anything; It's movable too!
Size: 57x35x38cm/Frame: Metal
Package Content:

1 x Microwave Rack

Mini Convenient Carving Clip Nut Fixed Pliers Olive Bodhi Beads Gripper Clamp

Features:1. For fixing small items, such as olives, walnuts, bodhi, small Indian stone and other small items, good fixed effects.

Practical Canvas Portable Toolkit Wrench Storage Tool Bag Convenient Classic Texture Screwdrivers Organizer Pouch Bag

Feature:1. High density thick canvas,which is firm and not easy to wear.2. Simple design, beautiful and generous.3. It is easy

PT-6X Mini Embedded Digital LED Thermometer -50~120°C Convenient Temperature Sensor Thermometer Gauge

Specification:Product model:PT-6X Temperature measurement range:-50~120°C Resolution:0.1°C Whole machine power consumption:≤1W Measurement accuracy:±2°C Sensor type:NTC Power supply voltage:85~250V AC/DC Machine size:64x3x39(mm)

Rolling Knee Pads for Convenient Repair Work

Move freely while you do low repair works or cleaning jobs with this rolling knee pads
It's a knee pad that has wheels, a comfortable cushion, moisture-free, and a heat insulator
It has pulley-design wheels and rotates at a 360-degree angle
Material: Plastic
Size: 320 x 240 mm/ Height: 90mm/ Wheel Size: 50mm
Package Content:

2 x Rolling Knee Pads

Snack Bowls with Convenient Cellphone Stand

A convenient food bowl with a built-in cellphone stand
It has a double layer so you can segregate the trash so you can easily throw it when you are done eating
It has an easy-grip design for your ease and comfort
Material: Plastic
Package Content:

1 x Snack Bowl with Cellphone Stand