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Hologram Keyboard Bluetooth and Cord-free

This hologram keyboard looks like it's straight out of a sci-fi movie! It has a unique design and it is a very useful mobile phone accessory
This device projects a hologram Qwerty keyboard that you can type on; It also allows hand gestures like zooming, shifting, double click, etc
It easily connects to your phone via Bluetooth so it is cord-free
Product Variants:

Upgraded Version (M1 -WHITE):

Weight: 125g
Size: 9cmx4.5cmx5cm
Battery Capacity: 2500 mAh/3.7V
Battery Duration: 6 Hours
Features: Phone Holder, Connectable to Power Bank, USB Port, Keyboard, and Mouse Function

First Generation - BLACK:

Weight: 60g
Size: 7.8cmx4cmx1.9cm
Battery Capacity: 700mAh/3.7V
Battery Duration: 2 Hours
Features: Keyboard and Mouse Function

Package Content:

1 x Hologram Keyboard Device
1 x User Manual
1 x Packaging Box