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100pcs 70% Alcohol Disinfectant Cotton Pads for Mobile Phone Watch Screen Disinfection

Note:No.1 is 3cm*6cm; No.2 is 6cm*6cm  Material:Non-woven Size:3cm*6cm / 6cm*6cm Use range:Can be used for skin, around the wound, disinfection

3L/5L Disinfectant Sprayer Hand Pressure Pump Watering Sprayer Garden Irrigation Chemical Bottle

Products Name:Product id:–> Specification Capacity:3L/5L Color:Orange+Black Main Material:PP, PE, Plastic Rod Material:Glass fiber plastic rod Pipe length:130cm Spray rod length:37cm

800ml Electric Paint Spray Guns Disinfectant Sprayer Household Portable Disinfecting Spray DIY Paint Spraying Tool

Main Features:  ● Quickly cool the air inlet and heat dissipation air inlet to facilitate heat dissipation and ensure the service

Portable Sodium Hypochlorite Disinfectant Generator Disinfection Water Maker

Specification:Product Name:Disinfectant Maker Model:E69426 Size:50x163mm / 1.96”x6.41” Color:Transparent Bottle White/Silver(at random) Spray Head Material:PC(Polycarbonate) Production time:3 minutes Capacity:80ml Rated Voltage:5V

UV Light Wand Portable Disinfectant

A portable, lightweight, and handheld UV lamp sterilizer. It effectively kills bacteria and virus on any surface leaving no trace behind
It has a strong magnet base and a metal hook top. It also has a knob where you can adjust the heat of the UV light
Ideal for disinfecting surfaces like your floor, counter, bathroom. Also for items like your bags, shoes, and your kid's toys
Long battery life and can last for 2-6 hours of continuous use
Materials: ABS / Size: 37.5 x 4 x 3.5cm / Lamp Beads: 30
Continuous Lighting Time: 2-6 H / Types of Bulb: COB / Power Source: USB Cord
Package Content:

1 x UV Light Wand
1 x USB Cord

UV Sterilizer Aquarium Water Disinfectant

Protect your pet fishes by keeping their water clean and bacteria-free using this UV sterilizer aquarium water disinfectant!
This UV sterilizer is the most practical way to keep your water sterile and bacteria-free
It is also easy to install, the nozzle has a special design that can fit different sizes of water pipes; Scroll over to the variants portion to see your options for the sizes
Voltage:220~240V/Cable:190cm/Work Hours per Day:6 Hours
Package Content Variants:

1 x 5W UV Sterilizer (35~60Gallon): 9.5x13x19cm
1 x 7W UV Sterilizer(40~75Gallon): 9.5x13x19cm
1 x 9W UV Sterilizer(45~150Gallon): 9.5x13x22cm
1 x 11W UV Sterilizer(60~180Gallon): 9.5x13x24cm
1 x 13W UV Sterilizer(75~200Gallon): 9.5x13x24cm
1 x 18W UV Sterilizer(90~220Gallon): 9.5x13x29cm
1 x 24W UV Sterilizer(120~300Gallon): 9.5x13x36cm
1 x 36W UV Sterilizer(150~350Gallon): 9.5x13x47cm
1 x 11W UV Sterilizer+ Replacement Wick: 9.5x13x24cm
1 x 13W UV Sterilizer+ Replacement Wick: 9.5x13x24cm
1 x 24W UV Sterilizer+ Replacement Wick
1 x 36W UV Sterilizer+ Replacement Wick
1 x 36W Light Tube ONLY