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0.2mm+0.3mm+0.4mm+0.5mm Nozzle + Extruder Block + Silicone Case Box Set for 3D Printer Part

Parameters:Model:MK8Material:brassThread:M6Nozzle size V6:0.2mm, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm V6 heating block size:20x20x10mm Hexwrench size:2.0mmPackage Included:1 x 0.2mm nozzle1 x 0.4mm nozzle1 x

0.4mm 3D Printer Extruder Nozzle For 1.75mm Filament

Products Name:Product id:–> Specifications:Material:Brass Quantity:1 pc Length:12mm Screw thread:M6 Caliber:0.4mm Features:Mk8 nozzle represent improvement over previously used Mk7 nozzle. Mk8

0.4mm Creatbot Copper M6 Thread Extruder Nozzle For 1.75mm Filament 3D Printer Part

Products Name:Product id:–> Specifications:Material:Copper Type:Creatbot Size:0.4mm Nozzle thread:M6 Fit for:1.75mm Filament 3D Printer Package Included:1x Creatbot nozzle

0.4mm J-head Hotend Extruder Remote Kit Suppport 1.75mm PLA/ABS Filament with Cooling Fan + Fan Cove

Descriptions:The human sensitivity of the thermistor is added to the Dupont head terminal, and the customer can directly install and

0.4mm/1.75mm 3-in-1-out Hotend Multi Hot-end Extruder Nozzle for PLA ABS Filament 3D Printer

Products Name:Product id:–> Tips:For the first time when using this 3 in 1 outdoor set, all 3 extruders need to

1.75mm / 3.0mm Filament Extruder Two Way Feeding Wheel for 3D Printer

Features:Material:Stainless steel Suitable for:1.75mm, 3.0mm consumables Gear number:17/25 Internal diameter:5/8 Type:A:1.75mm consumables 25 Gear number 8 Internal diameter with Top hole B:3.0mm consumables 25 Gear number 8 Internal diameter

1.75mm 0.4mm Dual Fans Extruder With 0.1mm Accuracy/ Over Temperature Protection For 3D Printer Part

Products Name:Product id:–> Specifications Model No. H3D-PT001 Printing accuracy 0.1mm Support nozzle 0.2mm/0.3mm/0.4mm/0.6mm (default 0.4mm) Support filament PLA/ABS 1.75mm Nozzle

1.75mm 0.4mm Filament Bowden Extruder J-head Hotend For 3D Printer Part

Features:-Remote 1.75mm 3D Printhead Kit. -Thermistor Humanization improved with DuPont head terminal, customers can directly install to use. -Print head

1.75mm 0.4mm M6 Thread Stainless Steel Extruder Nozzle For 3D Printer

Products Name:Product id:–> Specifications:Type:E3D Material:Stainless Steel Working temperature:230°C Application:For 3D printer Package Included:1x E3D nozzle

1.75mm 0.4mm Stainless Steel Extruder Nozzle For 3D Printer Reprap Makerbot

Products Name:Product id:–> Specifications:Type:MK8 Material:Stainless Steel Working temperature:220°C Application:3D printer Package Included:1x MK8 nozzle

1.75mm 0.4mm Upgrade Long-Distance Remote Extruder Head For 3D Printer CR-10

Products Name:Product id:–> Specifications:Nozzle Throat Material:Titanium Alloy Working Temperature:260°C Outer thread:M6 Heating Block Material:Aluminum Alloy Dimensions:20*20*10mm Working Temperature:260°C Heatsink Material:Aluminum

1.75mm Hotend Extruder Nozzle Silicone Sleeve Kit for CR-6 SE/CR-5 PRO Creality 3D Printer

Shipping list.CR-6SE Hot End Extruder*1PCSDescription.1. More accurate printing Smother filament – push APPLICABLE to:cr-6 SE CR-5 Pro2. Better. Smoother and