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2pcs EDC Solid Steel Ball Massage Fitness Handball

Products Name:Product id:–> Description:2pcs EDC Solid Steel Ball Massage Fitness Handball Specification:Material:Steel Color:Chrome Color Diameter:Approx. 53 mm Weight:200g Features:1.Make of

9 in 1 Push Up Board Fitness Equipment

This 9 in 1 Push Up Board is fitness equipment suitable for both men and women
It can offer nine functions by simple repositioning the handles in the same board
It is color-coded wherein one color represents a body part target so it is easy to use
Material: ABS
Size: 59.5 x 18.3 x 2 cm
Package Contents:

1 x 9 in 1 Push Up Board
2 x Handles
16 x Mini Anti-Slip Rubber Pads
1 x Carry Bag

Ab Wheel Roller Fitness Equipment

This Ab Wheel Roller helps strengthen arm and core muscles by training them
It is made of non-slip elastic material that doesn’t scratch the floor
Its handles are ergonomic and made of stainless steel so it is comfortable to grip
Material: ABS, Elastic PVC
Diameter: 95 mm
Package Contents:

1 x Ab Wheel Roller
1 x Knee Mat

Ab Wheel Roller Fitness Equipment Tool

Suitable for both beginners and advanced exercisers to develop balanced core strength
Roll your way to a leaner set of abs with a simple and effective tool that can be used at home, in the gym, or anywhere you want to squeeze in a workout
Helps build and tone your abs, arms, and back
Material: TPE; Net weight: 420g
Size: 220 x 195 x 95mm/ 8.66 x 7.68 x 3.74"
Package Includes:

1 x Ab Wheel Roller Fitness Equipment Tool

Ab Wheel Rollout Fitness Roller

This is portable and easy to use fitness material that can help you strengthen your abdominal muscles
You can hold the handle comfortably while the wheels roll on the floor smoothly
A durable fitness roller that can enhance your upper part of your body
Material: Rubber Wheels, Foam Handle
Size: 20cm/ Wheel Size: 15cm
Rubber Mat: 20 x 30cm
Package Includes:

1 x Ab Wheel Rollout Fitness Roller
1 x Rubber Mat

Abdominal Fitness Gel Pads (Set of 50)

Item size is 4 by  6 cm or 1.6 by 2.4 in.
Package contains 25 packs (Set of 50)
It is an anti-allergy hydrogel
Aids you in getting the perfect that you want
You must align the current working path on the product paste
Best suited for massage and relaxation purposes

Abdominal Wheel Home Abdominal Muscle Wheel Fitness Wheel Roller Mute Pull Rope Multifunctional Slimming Abdominal Device

Features:-High tensile and elastic strap, robust and durable. -The devil stretches the bodybuilder, and it’s easy for you to be

Abs Wheels and Jump Rope Fitness Tools

Durable and high-quality fitness pieces of equipment for achieving abs and toning muscles
Removable handles for the Abs Wheels and jump rope
Comes with a mat for more comfortable work out experience
Materials: ABS, EVA, stainless steel tube, foam
Size: 33 x 16.8 cm, Weight: 480 g / Jump rope: 160 g
Package List:

1 x Abs Wheels
1 x Jump rope
1 x Mat

Ankle Strap Gym Fitness Equipment

The Ankle Strap Gym Fitness Equipment is perfect for leg exercises, hip exercises and more
It has a soft and thick interior that is comfortable to wear; Provides ankle support
Each ankle strap has a metal ring to attach equipment too; It is durable
Material: PP, SBR/ Metal Ring Thickness: 4 mm
Ankle Strap Unfolded Size: 46cm x 25cm x 9cm
Pedal Rope Size: 3.8cm/ Metal Ring Size: 2.5cm x 3.2cm
Package Contents:

2 x Ankle Straps

Balance Ball Yoga Fitness Ball

Use this balance ball to help you in achieving your yoga exercise routines
This will help you improve your balance, can durably support your weight
Use this as an ergonomic alternative to your chair or you can choose to play with this as well
Material: PVC
Bearing: 200kg
Size Variants:

S: 45CM About 350g
M: 55 CM About 600g
L: 65CM  About 800g
XL: 75CM About 900g
XXL: 85CM About 1000g

Package Content:

1 x Balance Ball Yoga Fitness Ball
1 x Air Pump

Bosu Fitness Ball

A great addition to your usual at-home cardio workout.
Adds intensity to your workout.
Helps you improve your balance and flexibility.
Available in 4 colors: rouge powder, sapphire blue, light gray, lilac.

Material: PVC+ABS
Safety load - bearing:200kg
Rope length:90cm
Ball wall:3.8mm

Cloth Resistance Band Fitness Set (3pcs)

This Cloth Resistance Band maintains resistance to help build muscles faster
It is more comfortable to wear, doesn’t snap easily and is also washable
There are three resistance bands with different intensity levels for effectivity
Material: Polyester, Latex Silk

Lake Blue: 76 x 8cm / 30 to 40 lbs
Pink : 76 x 8cm / 50 to 60 lbs
Purple : 76 x 8cm / 70 to 80 lbs

Package Contents:

3 x Cloth Resistance Band
1 x Storage Pouch
1 x Instruction Manual