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Stretch Strap Flexibility Exercise Band

Improve your flexibility, balance, endurance, and strength with this stretch strap
It is a stretching band that you can use for various leg stretching exercises; You can use it for Yoga and martial arts too!
These bands are strong and durable; They are from woven nylon so it is firm and holds its shape even with frequent use
Length: 300cm/Width: 3.8cm/Thickness: 0.2cm/Folded Size: 25cm
Package Content:

1 x Stretch Strap
1 x Small Strap with D-ring

Stretching Strap Flexibility Exercise Tool

Get in your best shape even without home workout tools and equipment, use your body weight and this stretching strap
This strap helps you achieve poses and stunts that improve your strength and flexibility
It's durable, secure, and reliable. Plus, it has a padded part and two side handles for additional support
Width: 3.8cm / Length: 350cm / Gross Weight: 0.5kg
Material: Polyester Cotton
Package Content:

1 x Stretching Strap