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Chocolate Fondue Fountain Mini Waterfall

Everyone loves chocolate. But, a fountain of flowing delicious chocolate? Now, that's reality straight out of a dream!
This simple home appliance makes any party special; Plus, you can go creative and make your own dessert station with this one
You can also use it to serve cheese sauce and serve it with nacho chips, potatoes, fries, bread, and whatever you like to complement it
Power (W): 50w/Layers: 2/Voltage (V): 220V/Plug Type: EU
Package Content:

1 x Chocolate Fountain Motor
1 x 2-Layer Fountain

Fondue Fork Stainless Skewer

This Fondue Fork has a sharp forked tip that pierces food effectively and easily It has a long stem that keeps the hands at a safe distance from the hot fondue The handle is ergonomic and made of wooden material that is comfortable to grip Material: Stainless Steel, Wood Size: 240 mm x 10 mm Package Contents: 1 x Fondue Fork

Fondue Set 10PC Stainless Steel Set

The Fondue Set 10PC Stainless Steel Set can be used to melt cheese, chocolate and more
It allows even heat distribution and effectively maintains heating temperature
It is stainless, durable and rustproof; It is mess-free and easy-to-clean
Material: Stainless Steel
Size: Approx. 25 x 20 x 20cm
Package Contents:

1 x Fondue Set (6 x Forks; 1 x Pot; 1 x Splatter Guard; 1 x Stand; 1 x Gel Burner)