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Air Freshener Car Perfume

Purify the air inside your car and keep the air fresh at all times
Care for your health due to its non-toxic and chemical-free type of car freshener
Install it on your own by simply attaching it on your car air vent
Material: Aviation aluminum alloy/Fragrance lasting time: 2-6 months/Weight: 40g/Color: white, red, blue, yellow and black
Package includes: 1 x Car Air Conditioner Fragrance with Clip, 1 x Solid Fragrance Stick (random smell)

Baseus Car Air Purifier Freshener Mini Electric Auto Air Ionizer Cleaner Humidifier For Home Office Car Vaporizer Air Fresher

Description:Brand:Baseus Name:Baseus Freshing Breath Car Ai Punfier Model:CRJHQ01 Material:Plastic, silica gel Rated voltage:5V Size:155*42 mm Weight:291g Features:Winners of Golden Pin

Cactus Car Vent Air Freshener

Customers can personally put the scent they like after the contents are finished.
The cactus designs come in different forms.
This perfume clip adds cuteness and fragrance to your car.
It is not only limited to a cactus design but other designs are available.
You can personalize the smell of your car if you want to.
The item weighs 0.1 kg.
Cactus lovers will surely love this product.

Car Air Freshener Cute Butterfly Design

It helps maintain a fresh scent in your vehicle
Both decorative and functional, stylish way to freshen your car
Easy to use, you can clip it to your car conditioner air vents
Materials: Plastic, Metal, and Crystal
Size: 3.7 x 5 x 4cm; Weight: 19g
Package List:

1 x Car Air Freshener Cute Butterfly Design
2 x Perfume Tablets

Car Air Purifier Freshener DC12V Port

Purifies and filters the air inside your car
Kills bacteria and viruses, removes bad smelling odor
Space-saving compact design of car air purifier
Great use for people with allergic rhinitis, asthma, etc.
Size: 8.5 X 2 X 2 cm
Application area: 21-30 ㎡

Car Clock Vent Clip Air Freshener

Analog clock and car air freshener in one
Easily clip on the car's air vent
Makes as a nice decoration and accessory
2 Fragrance sheets included
Size: 4 x 4 cm
Material: Plated metal, ABS
Battery: Built-in button battery

Car Fragrance Air Freshener Scents

With sweet-smelling fruit fragrance that will give you a pleasant ride on your car
The cute apple shape can add a pretty decoration on your car interior
Easy to clip on your car vent to give you fragrant air circulation
Material: ABS Plastic / Item Weight: 30g
Dimensions: 5.4x x 6.0cm
Package content:

1 x Car Fragrance Air Freshener Scents

Car Freshener Metal Aroma Diffuser

Scents from natural extracted essential oils which are safe for everyone
Metal finish design, highly durable
A long-lasting scent which lasts up to 5 months
Materials: Aluminum alloy matte finish
Scents: Citrus, flowery / Colors: Black, Blue, Silver

Car Oil Diffuser Air Freshener Mist

A small and portable car air humidifier and oil diffuser
It removes foul smell in your car and diffuses essential oil that reduces stress and anxiety
A stylish design fit for any car interior
It is powered by your car's socket/Working Current: 130mA-150mA

Power: 1.5W-2W/Water tank capacity: 50ML

Spray Amount: 25ML/hour/Working Voltage: DC 12V

Dimension: 57mm x 56mm x 164mm
Package Content:

1 X Humidifier
1 X Sponge (spare part)
1 X User Manual

Car Perfume Air Freshener

Releases a natural scent that you might feel like driving in nature
Removes odor; can last for 180 days
Stylish design; can be clipped on your handbags
Material: ABS / Suitable to all types of cars
Size: 50 X 70mm
Product Variation:
Option 1:
1x Aromatherapy Clip / 1x Smell Tablet
Option 2:
3x Smell Tablet

Charcoal Air Freshener Odor Absorber

Eliminate bad smell effectively by using this charcoal air freshener
The activated carbon helps in absorbing and purifying the air which results in cleaner air
It is portable so you can use this for anywhere, contains only natural ingredients and is non-toxic
Material: Bamboo Charcoal + Non-woven Fabric
Content: about 45-55g
Size: approx. 8 x 16cm or 3.15 x 6.30”
Package Content:

1 x Charcoal Air Freshener Odor Absorber