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0-4mm Root Gap Misalignment Welding Inspection Ruler Welding Gauge Single Purpose Soldering Measuring Internal Inspection Rule Root Gap Metric

Features:This welding gauge measures internal alignment of pipe after fit-up/alignment.Made of high quality steel, this gauge is durable and not

0-60mm Tire Ruler Brake Disc Thickness Gauge Tool Depth Gauge Measuring Ruler

Specification:Material:alloy Type:Width caliper Measuring range:0-60 mm Package included:1 x Depth Gauge Details pictures:

0-70mm Mini Stainless Vernier Caliper Metric Caliper Thickness Gauge Measurement Tools

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:Suitable for measuring a variety of conventional coins. Portable precision High sensitivity, stable and reliable operation, the

0-80MM LCD0.01MM Digital Height Depth Counting Depth Gauge Woodworking Depth Gauge Altimeter Woodworking Ruler Digital Caliper

Specification:Measuring range:0-80mm/0-3 1/8 inch Hole depth:0-50mm/0-2 inch Reslution:0.01mm/0.0005 inch Battery:3V CR2032  (not included) 0-80mm LCD Digital Height Depth Gauge Digital

0.001mm 0-25mm Electronic Outside Micrometer Digital Micrometer Caliper Gauge Meter Micrometer

Description:This item is designed to seek smaller measuring errors and professional service.  With resolution of 0.001mm/0.00005″ and accuracy of 0.002mm/0.0001″,

0.001mm 0-50.8mm Electronic Digital Depth Dial Indicator Gauge Measuring Tool High Precision

Features:The moving parts made of special wear mainly stainless steel,with good resistance and anti-rust properties.Simple structure,convenient and stable operation.Shockproof structure

0.01mm 0-25.4mm Elecronic Digital Indicator Depth Gauge Measuring Tool High Precision

Features:The moving parts made of special wear mainly stainless steel,with good resistance and anti-rust properties.Simple structure,convenient and stable operation.Shockproof structure

0.01mm Accuracy Measurement Instrument Dial Indicator Gauge Tool

Description0.01mm Precision Tool Accuracy Measurement Instrument Dial Indicator Gauge FeaturesUsed to measure shaft runout, shaft thrust, gear backlash. Simple structure,

0.01mm Digital Tread Depth Gauge 0-25mm LCD Stainless Steel Tyre Tread Depth Gauge Caliper Tread Ruler Metric/inch Interchange

Description:Digital display tyre tread depth gauge referred to as digital tread ruler or tread ruler, digital tread depth gauge and

0.05 Spirit Level Digital Inclinometer Protractor Angle Finder Gauge Meter Bevel

FeaturesAluminum alloy enclosure. Relative / absolute measurement interchange at any position. Angle and slope readout conversion. Data hold. Magnets in

1-15mm/ 1/32-5/8 Inch Stainless Welding Taper Gauge Measure Tool

Products Name:Product id:–> Description:1-15mm/ 1/32-5/8 Inch Stainless Welding Taper Gauge Measure Tool Specification:Material:Stainless steel Scale:two sides, both metric and inch

1-45mm Cone Feeler Taper Aperture Gauge Steel Round Hole Tapered Ruler

Description:Material Science:Nickel Plating on Carbon Steel Graduation value:0.1mm Size:Size Measurement Resolution Taper Work Length Total length #001 1-6.5mm*0.1 0.1mm 1:10

1-6.5mm/3-15mm/15-30mm/30-45mm Cone Feeler Taper Aperture Gauge Steel Round Hole Tapered Ruler

Features:Used for measuring thin-walled parts, plastic pipe, internal diameter, inner hole, simple structure, reasonable. Easy and fast measurement. Specifications:Material Science:Stainless

1/150 Outland Building Model N Scale Gauge Scene Story Dress Store Modern House

Specification:Type:Building Model ScaleN Scale 1/150 Material:ABS Main Color:Brown,White,Red Size:approx.8x6x8.5cm/3.15×2.37×3.35” (1cm=10mm=0.39inch) Measurement Details in the attached picture. Feature:-Student teaching, psychology textbooks,

1/2” Adjustable Drive Angle Gauge Torque Wrench Meter Measure Car Garage Tool

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:1. 100% brand new and high quality 2. The scale standard is clear, transparent housing, easy to

1/4” Mini Air Regulator Valve Pressure Gauge Trap Adjustable w/Nozzle

Specifications:Material:Metal Color:Red Size:approx. 48 x 60mm Diameter:approx. 40mm Thread:1/4″ BSP Threads (13mm) Feature:- Durable and utility. – Easy to install

10 Inch ABS Material Irregular Contour Gauge Multifunction Gauge

Features:Precise Shape Duplication:This profile gauge works well in copying the shape of any irregular items, replicate the shape of moldings

10 Segment LED 36V Battery Indicator Battery Tester Meter Gauge Coulombmeter for Golf Cart Yacht RV Motorcycle Forklift Etc

Description36V Golf Cart LED Battery Status Indicator Meter Gauge for EZGO Club Car Yamaha Never let your electric equipment run

100x70mm Centering Square Gaging Center Round Gauge Bar Marking Center Finder

Products Name:Product id:–> Specifications:Material:Carbon Steel Finish:Satin Chrome Finish Range:4″ Overall Length:Approx.15cm/5.91″ Centering Square Head Leg Length:Approx. 7cm/ 2.76″ Centering Square

11PCS Mini Fillet Weld Keys Inspection Gauge Welding Radius Gage Chain Set Tool

Products Name:Product id:–> Description:New Mini Fillet Weld Keys inspection Gauge, Welding Radius Gage 11pcs chain set Item Specifics:Type:Welding gauge Model:MINI-10

12/24V LED Lead Acid Storage Battery Tester Battery Indicator Gauge Battery Level Monitor

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:Works on general lead acid storage battery and has a powerful battery level testing system. Automatic recognize

125mm Metal Contour Profile Gauge Irregular Shape Ruler General Measuring Tools

Features:Made of stainless steel, durable and anti-rust, practical and long service life. It can be used in measuring most kinds

130KG/286Lbs Hand Pressure Gauge Dynamometer Grip Power Strength Meter Pressure Capacity Force Gauge

Features:Design for athletes and sports enthusiasts who want to increase their hand, wrist, forearem and finger strength for rock climbing,

150/200/250/300mm Stainless Steel Measuring Caliper Gauge Vernier Tool

Features:- Main Material:Stainless Steel – Capacity:0-150mm,0-200mm、0-250mm、0-300mm – Resolution:0.1mm – Hardened raised measuring tips to allow you to measure over the