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2.4 Inch Portable Infrared Thermal Imager Handheld Imaging Camera Digital TFT LCD Display Thermometer Temperature Measurement Instrument

The NF-521 is a thermal imaging camera that combines surface temperature measurement and real time thermal imaging. The  thermal imager

Handheld Thermal Imaging Camera Device

Identifies the area of heat even in a smoky and dark places
Mostly used by firefighters but can also be for machines
Shows real-time result display
Waterproof and heat-resistant
Durable handheld design
Measuring mode: Infrared focal plane measuring temperature
Measuring range: -20C-Temperature300C (-4F-572F)
Display: a 2.4inch color display
Image Storage: SD card(4G)
Battery type: 4*AA battery ( not included )
Drop Resistance: 2 meters

The GIF is for illustration purposes only, the thermal camera does not require a smartphone in order to work.

HT-03 80*60 Pixel Infrared Thermal Imager -20~300°C Industrial Thermal Imaging Camera 2.4” TFT Handheld Thermometer

Description:- It can form the outline image through infrared technology without digging or cutting checked objects. Hence, it’s not only

MAKA R03B 2.8inch Infrared Thermal Imaging Camera Automatic Temperature Measurement Digital Thermal Imager 30~45℃ 160×120 IR Image Resolution

Features:1. Cold and hot spot automatic tracking2. Fast image refresh 3.2.8inch display 4.USB Quick Export 5.5 color imaging modes 6.Waterproof

Noyafa NF-521 Thermal Imaging Camera Usb 2.4 Inch Screen High-Definition HD Thermal Imager Handheld Temperature Imaging Camera

Description:NF-521 has thermal imaging function and can display hot and cold spots on the screen, enabing users to oberve the

Portable Handheld Infrared Thermal Imager Thermal Imaging Camera 2.4 Inch 24*32 Resolution Digital LCD Display Thermometer Measurement Instrument

Type B:Features:1. Model:MLX90640 2. Use MLX90640ESF-BAA infrared thermal imaging sensor 3. Sensor Resolution:32×24 4. Temperature measurement range:-40℃~300℃ 5. Measurement accuracy:+/‐2℃ (central area,

Vein Finder Light Infrared Imaging

Use this vein finder to make the veins more visible and you can inject the needle properly
This device is portable and handheld which makes it convenient to use
It emits bright warm light so the veins become more visible
Material: ABS/ Detecting Depth: <10mm
Size: 90 x 47mm/ Min Vein Detection: 0.1mm
Power adapter: 110V-220V 50-60Hz
Package Contents:

1 x Vein Finder Infrared Imaging Light
1 x Power Cable

XEAST XE-165 Touch Panel Video Thermal Imaging Camera Infrared Thermal Imager 1024 Pixels Temperature Reach 1000℃

Features:- Temperature measuring range:-20~1000°C – Support connect to PC for picture transfer – Support video function, format MP4 – 2.8