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2W N-type DC-block DC-6Ghz N-JK Blocker Straight Insulator

Specification:Model:N-type Blocker Power:2W Impedance:50Ω Standing wave ratio:≤1.20 Frequency range:DC to 6.0GHz Temperature characteristics:-55°C ~ +125°C Interface:N-type male to female Voltage:50V Package Included:1

Bottle Cover Insulator Sleeve Bag

Protect your water bottle by using this bottle cover
It effectively insulates the temperature of the drink inside your bottle
Soft and comfortable material and a convenient string handle
Material: Neoprene
Size Variants:

280ml: Height: 13cm or 5.1in, Diameter: 5.5cm or 2.1in
360ml: Height: 14cm or 5.5in, Diameter: 6.0cm or 2.3in
420ml: Height: 15cm or 5.9in, Diameter: 6.5cm or 2.5in
550ml: Height: 19cm or 7.4in, Diameter: 6.8cm or 2.6in

Package Content:

1 x Bottle Cover Insulator Sleeve Bag