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Electric Lice Comb Pet Fleas Brush

Get rid of fleas and lice on the hair or on your pet's fur  by combing it using this electric-lice-comb
It has compact stainless steel bristles and suction that pulls the trapped lice and fleas into the filter
This is hygienic to use since the capture filter is disposable so you can use new ones every use
Material: Plastic + Stainless Steel Needle / Voltage: 110V/220V
Size: Approx. 7 x 6 x 23.5cm or 2.76 x 2.36 x 9.25 in
Plug Variants:


Package Content:

1 x Electric Lice Comb Pet Fleas Brush

Head Lice Comb Nit Free Comb

Helps remove even the tiniest lice eggs from your hair using this comb's spiral micro-grooved teeth
It has a microscopically-rounded tooth ends that protects your hair and scalp against pricking, scratching, and pulling
Reusable and convenient to use, this comb can be sterilized for clean use by the whole family day after day
With 33 pins to help you remove those pesky lice
Materials: Stainless Steel
Package Includes:

1 x Head Lice Comb Nit Free Comb

Lice Comb Stainless Steel Hair Tool

Stainless steel material
Effective to use
Lightweight and durable
Comfortable to brush in the hair
Can be used with a wet hair
For all hair types
Anti-slip bands on the handle
Compact size