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Moldable Glue Rubber Repair Stick

Hardens after 24 hours
For easy repair of tools
Can be mold into a phone stand, hooks, cable winders, and more
For fixing things like making a pan holder, non-slip grips, etc.
Safe and easy to use
Available in different colors
Colors can be mixed to create a new color

Moldable Plastic Easy Melt Art Material

This moldable plastic is perfect for making  DIY art projects and prototypes
You only need to soak it in hot water (80 degrees Celsius) for three minutes to melt it
You can make different art crafts with it including keychains, earrings, hooks, and others
Material: Resin
Stick Size: 58 X 15 X 7.5mm
Comes in random color
Package Content:

1 Block x Moldable Plastic