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Degen DE1103 DSP FM SW MW LW SSB Digital World External Antenna Radio Receiver

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:FM stereo, AM, LW, SW, SSB world band receiver Synchronous Detector:Upper Side Band (USB) and Lower Side

Degen DE13 Portable FM MW SW Manual Cranking Dynamo World Receiver Radio Recorder

Features 1. FM / MW / SW emergency, environmental energy saving multi-radio receiver 2. Dynamo and solar charging, can for

HRD-310 Portable Mini FM MW SW Digital Alarm Clock FM Radio Receiver

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:This world band radio with mini size is rather compact and elegant You can put it in

Panda 6120 FM MW SW Radio Portable Retro Radio Speaker Music Player

Features:FM, MW, SW (1-10) 12-band broadcast reception Can receive campus radio and TV sound Using high-quality internal magnetic speakers, beautiful

PANDA 6128 FM MW SW 12 Band Radio Scheduled Start Alarm Clock

Features:Using for sony integrated circuit and chip manufacturing process, super selectivity and anti-interference ability FM, MW, SW (1-10) 12-band broadcast

Panda 6143 FM MW SW DSP Digitally Tuning Radio Full Band Stereo Radio Alarm Clock

Features:DSP digitally tuned full-band stereo radio Automatic station search storage 0-9 number keys, radio frequency, station number directly select Station

Panda 6169 FM MW SW Full Band Clocked Digital Display Portable Mini Radio

Features:FM MW SW (1-7) 9-band international broadcast reception Wide screen digital clock and radio frequency display technology Clock-controlled timer automatically

Panda 6170 FM MW SW Radio Portable Stereo Speaker TF Card MP3 Player

Features:FM (1-3) / MW / SW (1-8) 12-band international broadcast reception Can receive campus radio and TV sound Special USB

Panda 6206 FM MW SW Full Band Radio DSP Digital Tuning Portable Speaker MP3 Music Player

Features:DSP digital tuning high-sensitivity full-band radio Four types of channel search:fully automatic channel search, semi-automatic channel search, knob search channel,

PANDA 6208 FM AM MW SW Full Band Radio DSP Digital Tuning Alarm Clock Temperature Display MP3 Music Play

Features:DSP digital tuning FM AM MW SW high-sensitivity full-band radio Can be used as an alarm clock Support for external

Panda T-16 FM MW SW Three Band Radio International Broadcast Reception

Features:FM, MW, SW three-band international broadcast reception AC and DC power supply FM automatic frequency control Treble and bass adjustment

Portable Digital Full Band AM FM SW MW LW Radio Receiver Alarm Clock

Specifications:Number of storage stations:60 (shortwave, medium wave, FM can store 20 radio stations) Single Signal Selectivity:better than 10dB Inside the