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0-25mm 0.001mm Digital Micrometer Spiral Micrometer Spiral Electronic Outer Diameter Thickness Gauge IP65 Waterproof Digital + Scale Display

Features:One-handed operation, comfortable grip, convenient measurementUsing i8 chip technology, high stability, high performance, low power consumptionEasy battery replacementDigital display scale,

0-25mm Digital Micrometer Electronic Microscopy Outer Diameter Micrometer with Engraved Micrometer

Feature:LCD digital display screen, digital screen, clear readings at a glance; laser engraving clear and eye-catching.Two types of mounting heads

100 Pcs PA50-Q1 Gold-Plated Test Probe Outer Diameter 0.68mm Length 16.55mm Test Tool Spring For Testing Circuit Board Instruments Test Pin

Products Name:Product id:–> Description:The needle  outer diameter:0.68mm; Outside diameter of needle head:0.48mm; Stitch length:16.55mm; Quantity:100 Pcs Package Includes:100 x Test

3PCS 3D Printer Flat Type 15mm Outer Diameter Height Plastic Pulley Concave Idler Gear

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:Flat Width:Bore:5mm, 15.3mm, Height:9mm Color:Black Bearing Material:ABS+Carbon Steel Note:1. please note the size about this product. (shown

50m 0.1mm Gold Wire Cutting Line LCD Outer Glass Separator

Products Name:Product id:–> Description50M 0.1mm Gold Cutting Wire Separator Line for LCD Refurbish Outer Glass Gold wire for cutting, separator line for

5PCS 3D Printer Flat Type 15.3mm Outer Diameter Height Plastic Pulley Concave Idler Gear

Features:Flat Width:Bore:5mm, 15.3mm, Height:9mm Color:Black Bearing Material:ABS+Carbon Steel Note:please note the size about this product. (shown as the picture) Package

Outer Diameter Micrometer 0-25 50 75 100 mm High Precision 0.001 Spiral Micrometer Instrument Caliper

Features:Comfortable hand feeling, fine adjustment of ratchet measurementCarbide probe, wear-resistant and durableLaser marking four times, clear scaleEasy to measure with

Outer Glass Touch Screen Replacement + Tools for Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge

Products Name:Product id:–> Specifications:Color:Silver, Gold, Rose Gold, Blue, White, Black Material:Glass Compatible with:For Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Features and Benefits:-Replacement

Proskit 1PK-9402 7Pcs 3-6mm Outer Hexagon Socket Electronic Hex Nut Driver Set Precision Screwdriver Set

Features:Extra-thin walled, with Duplex color rubber handles for hexagon nuts and bolts, Complete set pack with vinyl pouch. Contents (mm):3.0,

TEVO® 10m Length 1.75mm Filament 2mm Inner 4mm Outer PTFE Tube For 3D Printer

Precise details:Features:- Wear Resistance, High and low-temperature resistance – Fireproof, Nonabsorbent – Good dielectric properties – The static friction coefficient is

UV Glue LOCA Alignment Mould LCD Outer Glass Repair Mold For iPhone 6 4.7 Inch

UV Glue LOCA Alignment Mould LCD Outer Glass Repair Mold For iPhone 6 4.7 Inch Introductions:LCD Mold It Makes Align The LCD To The Glass When Gluing Them Together That Process A Lot Easier And Much Faster. Features:1.Made By Advanced Numerical Control Equipment. 2.Delicate Do Manual Work, To Guarantee The Joint Is Not Loose When You Used It. 3.Professional Team, To Undertake Automation Equipment Design And Production To Meet Your Needs. 4.Cooperate With Instrument To Use. 5.Just Start To Use Will Be A Little Tight, This Time Only Need To Gently With Art Design Knife To Shave Off Along The Edge, Too Large Loses The Mold Will Be Not Fixed,Please Notes. 6.Suitable For iPhone 6 4.7 Inch. Specification:Color:Orange Size:15×7.9×0.8 cm Material:Acrylic, Bakelite Plate PLEASE NOTES:1. No Instructions Are Provided For This Product. 2. This Is Not An Easy Job For Someone Who Has No Experience At All About This. 3. We Will Not Be Held Responsibility For Any Damages To This Part And Your Device Caused By Your Wrong Operation. Package Include:1x LCD Mold More detail:

Voron V0 1515 Profile Black Oxide Frame Kit Outer Frame Bracket Part for Voron V0 3D Printer

Shipping list.1515*200mm*161515*100mm*3Advantages.1. surface anodized, frosted texture2. Smooth inner grove edge3. Standard 1515 profile