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Cat Nail Covers Pet Paws Caps

Prevents your cat from scratching your furniture and leaving scratches
Helps avoid sick cats from scratching their wounds
Makes your pet cat look cool and fashionable
Material: Silicone

X-Small: 10 x 6mm (Suitable for pets from 5lbs/ 0.5-2.5kg)
Small: 11 x 7mm (Suitable for pets from 6-10lbs/ 2.5-5.0kg)
Medium: 12 x 8mm (Suitable for pets from 7-15lbs/ 5.0-7.5kg)
Large: 14 x 8mm (Suitable for pets from 16-20lbs/ 7.5-10kg)

Package Includes:

2o x Cat Nail Covers Pet Paws Caps
1 x Glue

JAKEMY JM-T8-11 Four Claw Paws Parts IC Chip Grabber Maintenance Tweezer Pick Up Tools Gripping Device

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:The grabber is made of precison casting copper. Four-claw design,not easy to fall off when gripping tiny