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Newton Pendulum Cradle Ball

A decorative ornament that is consists of five silver balls that are identical to each other. It is attached through thin strings that are fixed to parallel-horizontal bars. It is named after the famous English scientist Sir Isaac Newton
This material is used to demonstrate the conservation of energy and momentum. The swung ball will transmit force as it collides with the remaining four balls and it causes the ball on the opposite side to swing back in a steady rhythm
Also known as Newton's balls or executive ball clicker. Can be used as a decorative material that you can display on your table inside your workplace or house
Material: Steel Metal, ABS
Size: 9cm x 7.5cm x 9.5cm/3.54 x 2.95 x 3.74 inches/ 90 x 75 x 95mm
Package Includes:

1 x Newton Pendulum Cradle Ball

Pendulum Balls Educational Science Toy

The Newton's Cradle is a great educational toy to introduce the subject Physics
It can help students understand the concept of science better and easier
Can be used as a decoration at home, at school or at the office; Fun and interesting
Material: Metal/ Net Weight: 95 g
Size: 9 x 7.5 x 9.5 cm
Diameter per Ball: 1.0 cm
Package Contents;

1 x Newton's Cradle

Swing DIY Quartz Clock Jump Pendulum Movement Mechanism Kit Red Floral Hand

Specification:Material:Plastic Aluminum Hour Hand Length:136mm/5.4” Minute Hand Length:106mm/4.17” Second Hand72mm/2.8” Spindle Size:23mm/0.9” Thread Size:14.6mm/0.57” Body Size110x56mm/4.3”x2.2” Battery:Not Included Feature:1.Pendulum Swing