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Perfume Spray Bottle 5ml Travel Size

You can now take a small amount of your favorite perfume with you with these refillable perfume bottles
With these bottles, you can transfer perfume directly into these refillable bottles
It is small and lightweight, perfect for traveling!
Capacity: 5ml/ Size: 8 x 1.6cm/Material: Glass, Plastic, Metal
Package Content:

1 x Refillable Perfume Bottle/Retail Box

Travel Perfume Bottle Refillable Spray

Travel smartly by transferring your perfume to this travel perfume bottle
Secure and tight so your favorite perfume won't spill
Beautiful and modern design perfect for beautiful and modern women
Outside material: Aluminum/ Inner material: PP plastic
Capacity: 5ml
Package Content:

 1 x Travel Perfume Bottle Refillable Spray