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Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter Machine

Improve your drinking water's quality by using this alkaline water pitcher
It has a high electrolyte area and removes radicals and impurities in your water
It is wireless and uses USB charging, it also has an easy to handle design as well as durable materials
Material: High Borosilicate Glass + Titanium Steel / Capacity: 2L / Water Yield(Liter/Minute): 1.0
Power: 80W / Voltage: 220V / Heating Temperature: 50°C / Using Temperature: 5-70°C/ H Concentration: 0-1300ppb
Plug Variants:


Package Contents:

1 x Alkaline Water Pitcher Filter Machine
1 x USB Cord

Glass Milk Jug 250ml Clear Pitcher

This Glass Milk Jug is ideal for storing milk and other beverages such as juice
It has a cute and ergonomic design with its comfortable-to-hold handle and spout
This milk jug can be safely used in the oven, microwave, dishwasher, and sterilizer
Capacity: 250ml / Heat Resistance: -20-150℃
Mouth Diameter: 8.5cm / Height: 11cm / Base: 5cm
Material: High Borosilicate Glass
Package Contents:

1 x Glass Milk Jug

Infusion Pitcher Fruit Infuser Water Jug

Water is good for you, but you can make it even better by infusing it with fruit slices
This infuser pitcher has a special tube in the center that holds fruit slices so you don't get large fruit chunks or seeds with your drink
You can refill the water without replacing the fruit in the tube
Capacity: 2.5L / Dimension: 18 x 15 x 26.5cm
Material: Acrylic / Weight:611g
Package Content:

1 x Infuser Pitcher

Milk Frothing Jug Stainless Pitcher

This Milk Frothing Jug is suitable for making hot chocolate, lattes, and more
It has a curved mouth which precisely dispenses the milk into a serving cup
The jug has a thick handle that is comfortable to grip and it has a great capacity
Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity: 100ml
Package Contents:

1 x Milk Frothing Jug

Milk Jug Creative Cow Glass Pitcher

Non-toxic and safety Smooth inner surface
Easy to clean and to store
Material: High borosilicate glass
Microwave safe
Heat Resistance: -20-150 ℃
Capacity: 250 ml

Mouth Diameter: 8.5 cm
Height: 11 cm
Bottom: 5 cm

Package List:

1 x Milk Jug

Milk Pitcher Built-in Thermometer Jug

With built-in thermometer to easily check the temperature in creating that perfect frothing
Not suitable to put in an oven, stove-top and microwave oven
A rust-proof and unbreakable milk jug making it durable and long-lasting
Material: Stainless steel
Dimensions: 128 x 93mm / Capacity: 600ml (20 oz)
Package content: 1 x Milk Pitcher Built-in Thermometer Jug

Tea Pots Glass Kettle Pitcher

Slick and elegant design
Can contain cold or hot drinks and can be directly heated on an electric maid
Large spout design for the smooth pouring without leaking and dripping any water
With the 304 stainless steel vortex filter, this is easy and delightful to use
Size measurement and capacity: 1500 mL (height: 21.5 cm x width 11.5 cm) or 1800 mL (height: 24.2 cm x width 13 cm)

Transparent Glass Pitcher with Lid

This glass pitcher is suitable for both hot and cold liquid contents
It has a leak-proof lid and a comfortable handle so you can control the liquid while pouring
Simple yet functional and ergonomic design for you to use
Material: glass / Capacity: 1.2L; 1.5L

1.5L: 27cm (length); 8.5cm (lid); 9cm (base)
1.2L: 26cm (length); 8.5cm (lid); 8.5cm (base)

Package content:

1 x Transparent Glass Pitcher with Lid

Water Filter Pitcher Purifier Jug

Self-enclosed water filling port
An automatic switch outlet nozzle
Only 5 seconds to change the filter element.
Eliminate water smell
Help aromatic substances in tea and coffee dissolve
Reducing impurities in water, residual chlorine, bacteria, scale, and other harmful substances
Dimension: 26 x 10.5 x 26 cm
Package List:

1 x Water Filter Pither

Water Pitcher Stainless Steel

Durable pitcher for your water, soda, or juice
Has a smooth mouth cup for precise serving
It has a comfortable handle so you can properly serve your drinks
Material: Stainless Steel
Capacity - 350 ml - 7.50 x 7.50 x 9 cm / Weight - 160 g
Capacity - 600 ml - 9 x 8.50 x 11 cm / Weight - 230 g
Package Includes: 

1 x Water Pitcher Stainless Steel