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Dog Treat Bag Silicone Pouch

The Dog Treat Bag Silicone Pouch allows for easy access and hands-free carrying while dog training
It has a clip-on design that's convenient to put on and remove; It has a magnetic closing mechanism
It is lightweight and non-toxic; It has a smooth surface that's easy to clean
Material: Silicone
Size: 10.5 x 12.5 x 4 cm
Package Contents:

1 x Dog Treat Bag Silicone Pouch

Dog Treat Pouch with Buckle Belt

It can hold a generous amount of dog training treats
Made from sturdy and tear-resistant fabric, easy to wash and perfect for dog lovers and trainers
It has a removable and adjustable belt for a comfortable fit
Material: Polyester
Bag Size: 8.8 x 7" / 22.5 x 18cm; Opening Size: 8 x 16cm/ 3.12 x 6.25"
Package List:

1 x Dog Treat Pouch with Buckle Belt

Dress Cover Hanging Garment Pouch

This dress cover is suitable to use on any type of clothes so you can protect it from getting dust and dirt
Practical and easy to use to give you convenience
It has a translucent material so you can easily see the dress inside it
Material: non-woven fabrics

45 x 60cm
60 x 80cm
60 x 100cm
60 x 120cm

Package content:

1 x Dress Cover Hanging Garment Pouch

Dry Bag Waterproof Nylon Storage Pouch (Set of 3)

Waterproof pouch for outdoor activity adventures
Made of double-stitched nylon fabric
Roll-top closure with buckle lock design
Available in different colors and sizes
Sizes Capacity:

Small - 1.5 L
Medium - 2.5 L
Large - 3.5 L

Earphone Pouch Waterproof Headphone Case

Provides complete protection for your valuable headphones
Keep cable tangle-free and from getting damaged
Waterproof, portable and convenient to use for your daily life and travel
Material: Flannel; Load Bearing: 0.5kg
Size: 10.5 x 7cm; Weight 20g
Package Includes:

1 x Earphone Pouch Waterproof Headphone Case

Emergency Bag Portable First Aid Pouch

Make sure you are ready for emergencies with this emergency bag first portable aid kit pouch
Has plenty of compartments inside that could hold your medicine and other emergency items
A striking design that allows you to identify the pouch immediately
Size: 12.5 x 17cm (4.92" x 6.69") / Material: Oxford Cloth
Open Method (Closure): Zipper / Lining: Polyester
Item Weight: 50kg
Package Content:

1 x Emergency Bag Portable First Aid Pouch

Fabric Document Holder Reusable File Pouch

Waterproof fabric document holder
With convenient zipper closure design
Reusable and durable
Suitable for both men and women
Simple but stylish design
With handle for easy carry
Size: A4 - 355 x 275 mm

Fireproof Bag Portable Fireproof Pouch

Protect your valuables like important documents, jewelry, money, passport, etc. from fire and water
With fireproof zipper and materials to ensure protection for your items inside
Lightweight, compact and foldable to give you more convenience in using it
Inner material: fireproof aluminum foil / Outer material: silicone-coated fiberglass

Small (S): 270 x 160mm

Medium (M): 290 x 200mm

Large (L): 340 x 250mm

Package content: 1 x Fireproof Bag Portable Fireproof Pouch

Fish Pencil Case Fun Pen Pouch

This fish pencil case is a unique and funny pouch where you can keep your pens and pencils
 It has a realistic fish design which makes it very funny, this is perfect as a gag gift idea to your friends
This pouch has good storage space so you can keep all your pens and pencils in it
Material: Nylon
Size: About 30cm x 14.5cm
Package Content:

1 x Fish Pencil Case Fun Pen Pouch

Flashlight Holster Camping Light Pouch

Use this flashlight holder to give your flashlight a convenient pouch where you can keep it
You can easily attach this pouch on your belt with its secure strap on the back of the holder
It has a durable material and a secure yet easy to access closure that makes it convenient for you
Material: Nylon
Closed Size: 150mm/ Open Size: 300 mm
Capacity: 80ml Flashlight Bag
Package Content:

1 x Flashlight Holder Camping Light Pouch

Funny Gifts Realistic Fish Pouch

Realistic fish design of pouch which can be used for storing pens, money, makeup, etc.
Used 3D printing to achieve realistic fish design
Soft and durable construction, easy to use and carry
Materials: PU leather, short plush fabric
Size: 30 x 13 cm
Package List:

1 x Funny Gifts Realistic Fish Pouch

Glasses Pouch Soft Drawstring Bag

Has a soft material so you can protect the lenses of your sunglasses or eyeglasses
With a drawstring closure for easy opening and securing the item inside
The cute and adorable design will surely be a hit to ladies, teens, and kids
Material: flannel
Dimensions: 18 x 8.5cm
Package content:

1 x Glasses Pouch Soft Drawstring Bag