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Mini Golf Set Bathroom Putter Exercise

Potty breaks will now become a lot more fun and entertaining with this mini golf set
It has the complete mini golf equipment that you need to practice putting in the toilet
Perfect as a funny gift for someone you know who loves golf
Dimensions approx: 80cm x 69cm
Weight: 300g
Package Contents:

Mini Golf Set Bathroom Putter Exercise:

1 x 1 x Putting green
2 x Golf balls
1 x Putter
1 x Flagstick
1 x "Do Not Disturb" Sign

Toilet Golf Potty Putter Funny Toy

It is an entertaining potty putter that everyone will enjoy
It is universal and it will fit on all toilet types; it is easy to set up
This product is a complete toilet golf set and it comes with the "do not disturb" doorknob hanger
Weight: 300g/Dimensions approx: 80cm x 69cm
Package Contents:

1 x Putting Green Mat
2 x Golf balls
1 x Putter
1 x Goal Flagstick
1 x "Do Not Disturb Sign" Doorknob Hanger