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Cute Baby Doll Realistic Baby Doll

A lovely doll that can be your kid's good friend who will accompany them on their growth
It has a beautiful design, with flexible hands and feet, long eyelashes and curly hair that makes them look like a real baby
The perfect gift choice for your kids on their birthday, it can give your kids lots of good memories
Material: Vinyl
Size: 47cm
Package Includes:

1 x Cute Baby Doll Realistic Baby Doll
1 x Set of clothes
1 x Birth certificate
1 x Feeding bottle
1 x Magnetic pacifier
2 x Hair clips
1 x Hat
1 Pair x shoes
1 x Diaper
1 x Giraffe toy

DIY Assembly Realistic Toy Gun

For ages 3 years old and above
Made of pieces and parts which need to be assembled to become a gun
Made of durable plastic material
Can fire a pellet bullet
For fun and exciting role-playing game
Great gift idea for kids
For puzzle and gun enthusiasts

Fish Pillow 3D Realistic Stuffed Toy

Realistic fish pillow, 3D design
Perfect toy for cats
A funny and unique gift item
Material: Cloth + Sponge
Length: 20cm
Package Content:

1 x Fish Pillow

Frog Bait Realistic Silicone Bait

A realistic frog bait that you can use on fishes that feed of small frogs. It's very useful especially when you are fishing in swampy areas where there's an abundance of frogs
It has a bright color that stands out underwater. It also has black spots around its body that are attractive to the fishes
Durable and reusable. A practical alternative to using live frog baits
Suitable for fishes like Alburnus Fish, Bambusa, Etc
Material: Silicone / Weight: 15g / Floats on the water
Package Content:

1 x Frog Bait

Funny Gifts Realistic Fish Pouch

Realistic fish design of pouch which can be used for storing pens, money, makeup, etc.
Used 3D printing to achieve realistic fish design
Soft and durable construction, easy to use and carry
Materials: PU leather, short plush fabric
Size: 30 x 13 cm
Package List:

1 x Funny Gifts Realistic Fish Pouch

Model Bus Realistic Toy Vehicle

With working lights and sounds making it more realistic bus model
The side doors, compartment door, and rear machine door can be opened
Has a unique double-decker design that kids and adults alike will surely love
Scale: 1:32 / Material: Zinc alloy plastic rubber
Battery:  AG 13 (not included in the package)
Dimensions: 25 x 4 x 7cm
Package content: 1 x Model Bus Realistic Toy Vehicle

Realistic Baby Dolls Lifelike Toy

Allows a child to have an imaginative play which allows her to develop her social and emotional skills
Amazingly handcrafted and hand-painted, it has a realistic baby-like size
Soft, cute and adorable silicone doll which can nurture a child's creative mind

Material: Vinyl, Silicone and Cotton / Dimensions: 19 inch or 47cm

Package Includes:
1 x Realistic Baby Dolls Lifelike Toy
1 x Doll Clothes
1 x Magnet Pacifier
1 x Bottle

Reborn Silicone Baby Doll Realistic Toy

A wonderful baby doll for children; It enables your child to enhance her imagination and skills
It has a soft material, alluring acrylic eyes, and beautiful clothes
Your child can bring it along as she plays inside your house or while traveling
Material: Soft Silicone Vinyl, Cloth Body With PP Cotton
Size: 24 Inches/ 60cm
Package Includes:

1 x Reborn Silicone Baby Doll Realistic Toy
1 x Clothes
1 x Magnetic Pacifier
1 x Milk Bottle
2 x Hair Tie
1 Pair x Shoes
1 Pair x Socks
1 x Gift Toy