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Hand Sanitizer Dispenser Stand

It has an automatic dispensing feature to avoid contact and contamination
Uses 4pcs type C battery or rechargeable power supply (both are not included in the package)
Adjustable height and stable circular base
Material: aluminum, tension fabric, ABS plastic
Height: 1.5m / Base weight: 2.5kg / Capacity: 1000ml
Package content:

1 x Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
1 x Dispenser Stand

Portable UV Light Cell Phone Sanitizer Disinfection Box Tablet Watch Jewelry Keys Phone Sterilizer

Feature:1.UV Sterilization:254nm UV Wavelength & 2W Sterilization Power, kill 99% of bacteria and mold, double UV lamps on both sides.2.Automatic

Ultrasonic Glasses Cleaner Accessories Sanitizer

Disinfect and sanitize your accessories like eyeglasses, ring, earrings, keys, and others in this ultrasonic cleaner
It's a fast and practical sanitizer that cleans your stuff in just 3 to 5 minutes
It's small, portable, and handy; Cordless and battery-operated
Ultrasonic Frequency: 40 kHz / Power Consumption: 35 W
Size: 16.5 x 7.5cm / Batteries: 2 x AAA Batteries (Not Included)
Package Content:

1 x Ultrasonic Cleaner
1 x Contact Lens Container
1 x Screw Driver

UV Cell Phone Sanitizer Box Wireless Charger Phone Sterilizer Disinfection For Smart Phone Face Mask Watch Jewelry

Specifications:It is compact and portable, can be used at home, in office or car, or for travel.Utilizing ultraviolet light to

UV Light Phone Sanitizer Mask Toothbrush Key Jewelry Phone Sterilizer Disinfection Box + 10W Wireless Charger

Features:(1) Sanitization:Kill up to 99.9% for your non-washable personal items in 18-30 minutes(2) Fragrance Diffuser:Add a droplet of liquid fragrance

UV Phone Sanitizer Sterilizer Box Disinfection Box Face Mask Watch Jewelry Phone Sterilizer

Specifications:Capacity:below 6.5 inchesRated voltage:DC5VInput Current:1-2ADisinfection power:5 WAromatherapy Function:1 WPower:9 WUV wavelength:253.7nmSize:22.5×12.5x5cmFeatures:1. Ultraviolet Sterilizer — This sterilizer uses bacteria to sterilize