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30KW Digital LED Display Voltage Power Energy Saver Box Saving Energy up to 35% EU/US Plug

Products Name:Product id:–> Features:–No need electric circuit refitting, easy installation. –Small in size, low cost, plug in and play. –Reactive

65Kpa Vacuum Sealer Sealing System Meal Food Fresh Saver Machine with 10 Bags

Features:● Designed for household use ONLY.● Easy operation even for beginners.● Powerful and stable, low noise when working.● Fast heat

80KW Metal Household Digital Display Voltage Power Energy Saver Box 110V-220V

FeaturesSave 30-50% of electrical consumption. Stabilize electrical current. Reduce waveform distortions. Reduce electrical overheating,with overload protection. Smart, sleek design with

Coin Bank RC Robot Saver

A coin bank in robot form; there's a coin slot at the top of the robot and a compartment that opens at the back of its head
Has 3 modes of control: hand gesture control, voice prompting, and remote control
Moves forward, backward, clockwise and counterclockwise; uses a tray to bring items; talks, sings and dances
Remote control powered by 2 x AAA batteries
Colors available: red, white
Package contents:
Remote control
Charge cable
The key x 1

Door Draft Stopper Energy Saver

A double-sided door and window draft guard that keep temperatures from getting in and out of rooms
With a secure patented closure that keeps it from moving despite the moving of the doors
Reduces dust and odors by blocking the space they can get through
Removable and washable
Helps reduce heating and cooling costs
Package contents: 1 x Door Draft Stopper Energy Saver

Ear Saver Adjustable Silicone Strap

This Ear Saver takes away the pressure of the mask’s straps on the user’s ear
It is lightweight and flexible so it is comfortable to wear and can fit many sizes
There are three adjustment levels and it is also non-slip since it is silicone
Material: Silica Gel
Size: 180 x 20 mm
Package Contents:

1 x Ear Saver

Food Saver Vacuum Sealer

Extremely protects your food from the growth of bacteria
Durable and portable machine, easy to carry
Preserves your food for a longer period of time
With free 10pcs vacuum bag
Sealing length: 30cm/ width: 29cm/ Heating wire width: 1.5mm
Power Source: Electric 80W/ Motor: Vacuum pump

Food Saver Vacuum Sealer Sealing Machine

Seals off and packs dry and moist food, ingredients and dishes
Preserves food, money, time and space making it more practical and economical to use
Suction: -0.75Mpa/ Operation: Touch Button
Functions: Vacuum, Seal, Canister or Marinate / Sealing length: 30cm
Variations: 220-240V (EU Plug)/ 220-240V (UK Plug)/ 220-240V (AU Plug)/ 100-120V (US Plug)

1x Sealing Vacuum Machine
1x Vacuum Hose Tube
1x User Manual
10x Bags 20cm x 25cm (Starter Kit)

Herb Saver and Keeper Storage Container

Keeps herbs fresh up to 3 weeks
Convenient clear container
Hard and durable shell
Dishwasher safe
Very easy to use

Intelligent Digital Power Electricity Saving Energy Saver Box Device MC

Description:Intelligent Digital Power Electricity Saving Energy Saver Box Device MC Features:Save energy sources efficiently. Stabilize the voltage. Balance the current

Mesh Wash Bag Laundry Saver

This Mesh Wash Bag is suitable for washing small garments such as socks
Made of thin mesh material that dries quickly and can fit multiple garments inside
It has a zipper closure for convenience and it is washable as well
Material: Polyester
Size Variants:

23 x 32 cm
13 x 17 cm
40 x 30 cm
50 x 40 cm
60 x 50 cm

Package Contents:

1 x Mesh Wash Bag

Portable Vacuum Sealer Food Saver

Lightweight and portable, perfect gadget for kitchen use
It has a simple operation with one-button automatic vacuum sealing
Easy to operate and more efficient to use than a hand pump
Materials: PC and ABS Plastic; Charging Mode: USB; Size: 52 x 90mm
Battery Capacity: 800mAh; Motor Power: 2W; Vacuum: 40-50kpa
Packing Contents:

1 x Portable Vacuum Sealer Food Saver
1 x USB Cable
1 x Clip
5 x Vacuum Bags (1pc. 25 x 32cm and 4pcs. 20 x 20cm)